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Know why School Parent Portals are important for Students and Parents Today

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It is a dream of every parent to experience the joy from learning of their wards. But due to the hectic schedule, it is not possible for every parent to entertain each activity with full potential. They may feel guilty and helpless while balancing the work and life balance. But technology can be saviour for these parents! How? Have you heard of the school parent portal? If not, then you are landed on the perfect page. Go ahead and read out how you can be a partner in your ward’s educational journey!

What is a school parent portal?

Traditional chalk-and-talk methods of learning enforced potential opportunities for increasing demands for digital educational platforms. Many institutes adopted the school ERPs, however, the communication gap between parents and school management remained the same. And this caused the need for a dedicated tool so that parents can access it to stay updated about their child’s education. The school parent portals are the tool that can accomplish this responsibility and can be a mediator between the school and parents.

Check out the following list that illustrates what is the significance of the involvement of parents in student’s education:

– More engagement of students when parents are proactive with their child’s education
– Students achieve better learning outcomes when parents are involved.
– Establishes healthy bond between parents and kids
– Develops positive attitude about schools and are found more self-confidence among the kids

Vidyalaya certainly understands the importance of parents’ involvement in their ward’s educational success. In the era of e-learning, parents expect a dedicated platform where they can get instant updates from schools. Educational institutes can grab this opportunity to please parents’ demands and have another feather in the crown by facilitating them with Vidyalaya’s school portal.

Why has the school parent portal become a necessity for students and parents today?

The school parent portal is the one-stop destination for any type of interaction between parents and schools. Vidyalaya offers this platform in the form of a mobile app form so that parents are not restricted to device, place barriers. Here is a glance at the importance of the school parent portal from students and parents’ perspectives:

Quick Access to information

Vidyalaya eliminates the need for parents to visit schools physically or depending upon kids or other parents for purpose of seeking information. They can just access the parent portal and get the desired information from authorized sources. Parents can get updated information about admissions, exams, fees by visiting the platform. They can also have access to internal grades, remarks so that they are well-aware of their children’s progress.

Easy way of communication

It is important that parents and teachers be in the same group for the overall growth of students. To make a perfect team, communication is the key. Parents’ hectic schedules and overloaded teachers may cause poor interaction between them, and this may lead to slow or one-sided progress of students. Vidyalaya facilitates both parents and teachers to fill the communication gap and communicate with each other through a capable school parent portal. Parents can raise queries on chat forums or may contact relevant teachers through personal chats through the portal. Thus, this platform can become the first-to-rush point of contact for parents to have any type of academic information about their children.

Fee management activities

Most of the institutes insist on online fee payment to withdraw the flaws of manual fee collection. Parents too find it convenient and go for online fee payment. Sometimes, the dates may change, or the structure may change. This change needs to reach parents before their payment. So, parents can check the updated information about fees on Vidyalaya’s school parent portal. Also, parents can check other details like the total fees paid, remaining fees, last date of fee payment on the portal platform.

Reliable source of academic and non-academic information

It is frequently observed that parents are the last to update about any event, activity, or test. Parents cannot rely on their kids for being aware of these as they may forget or will not tell. So, where should they move? Yes, Vidyalaya’s parent portal is the reliable source where parents can access any type of information, like:

  • Homework
    Homework is the most concerning aspect for parents. They can now check the homework within a few clicks on the parent portal. They can also download the pdf, videos shared by the teachers from the platform. In case of absence, students can access the portal and note down the homework without contacting their classmates.
  • Assignment
    Parents can check whether their kids have submitted the assignments or not, what remarks they got, what was the deadline of the submission on the portal. Also, students can check the assignment details on the portal to submit them before the end date.
  • Calendar
    The school calendar is the medium where all events and activities are shared. Parents can check the details of the calendar online without seeking date-specific information in the paper-based calendar. With the updated information, students and parents can be well-prepared for the events and showcase their skills.
  • Circulars
    Don’t rely on your kids for circulars. Now parents can check the information shared in the circulars in the form of pdf on the portal.
  • School vehicle tracking
    Parents always want to know the location of the school bus. Smaller delays may also face inconvenience and reliability issues. Parents may become panic if they are not pre-aware of the delays. So, to avoid this, parents can check the school parent portal to get updated information about the school bus. They can know changes in the timetable, driver-assistant contact numbers, bus routes from the portal. Also, information about emergency scenarios is better to share on the common platform instead of sending user-specific, manual calls.It has become necessity for today’s parents to go out and earn sufficient money to match the changing lifestyle demands. They find it hard to visit the school to know the updates but at the same time, they don’t want to go off the road in terms of knowing what is happening in the school. To meet both challenging sides, let Vidyalaya take chance on behalf of schools to offer an outstanding school parent portal, school app where parents can check updates without disturbing their schedule.

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