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Know Why School Parent Apps Are Important for Students and Parents

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Know Why School Parent Apps Are Important for Students and Parents

school parent apps

A school is a place where the careers and future of students are shaped, at least the foundation of it is built. Triumphs of successful personalities are always traced back to their educational journey where they have transformed from a raw to finished personality. So, the importance of schooling cannot be quantified. Parents and teachers are the major sources for students that help them in their educational journey. So, good rapport between these two pillars will help students to excel in their academics and life. Good teamwork can boost the progress graph in an upward direction.

In the contemporary style of learning, parents used to come to school to get updates about their ward’s academic progress. As time flies, there arises a need for a special app that can suit changing lifestyles of parents and can reduce the need to visit the schools physically. Vidyalaya, a pioneer in the ed-tech industry grabs the opportunity to prove itself and introduces school parents apps that are made for improving communication between these two pillars.

What are school parents’ apps?

School parents apps are crafted for students of all age groups, offer a single platform where parents and teachers can communicate with each other on different academic and non-academic aspects. Parents can get information about their wards such as their attendance, assignment and exam grades and remarks, leave reports, and others so that they can be on the same page where school and students are.
Vidyalaya helps educational institutes to offer a platform that can be hosted for all scholastic activities.

The apps can be deployed on the campus to offer prominent benefits such as:

Know your child’s whereabouts

Because of a hectic work routine, parents cannot be present for pick up and drop for their ward’s school commute, better they prefer school transport. But they remain in the worrying condition in the back of their mind about their ward’s location and bus updates.

Vidyalaya removes the reasons for worry by offering real-time updates of children’s commute through the school apps. With the integration with the transport module, parents can easily use the platform for tracking their child’s whereabouts. Also, the change in schedule, time of pick up and drop, ward’s entry in the school bus can be tracked using these apps.

Get instant notification about different activities

A school is a happening place and lots of activities happen throughout the year. Diaries or notices have become ineffective mediums as they can be tampered with, or lost, or not noticed. There are more chances of instant notifications about activities like attendance, exam grades, event updates getting notified by parents as they are highlighted on their phone.

Vidyalaya allows sending notifications through parent apps so that parents can check them whenever they are free without disturbing their routine. These apps open doors like sneaking into the class virtually and getting the updates. Parents can keep a tab on what their child is learning.

Online homework and assignment

Teachers need to spend most of their session time on other activities like attendance, checking the homework, and others. Homework is an activity that needs to be assigned every day and checked at a regular time interval, to sum up to internal grades. Many times, students do not inform their parents about incomplete homework and this can badly impact internal grades.

Vidyalaya rules out these possibilities and lets parents also know what homework is assigned and whether their ward has completed and submitted it or not. They can read the remarks and discuss them with the relevant teacher also. The school parents apps become the mediator between parents and teachers and let the parents proactively participate in the homework and assignment process.

Be proactive parents

Old-age parents were not proactive in interacting with the teachers as compared to this generation’s parents. Today’s parents want to know details about each activity happening in the schools, they contribute as per their capability, make some alternate arrangements to make the event/task complete. They prefer new-age communication channels to set up interaction cycles with the teachers.

So, to tune with them, education institutes opt for schools app so that parents and teachers use the same platform for interaction. Vidyalaya offers easy-to-setup school apps to eliminate the need for experts to set up the communication.

Open doors for easy communication

Schools generally rely on traditional ways of communication due to low budgets, not being open to advanced technologies. But this scenario is changing in recent years. Vidyalaya has been a great contributor to this revolution with its extraordinary parent apps. Different ways for building a communication bridge between parents and teachers can be implemented with these apps. Teachers can invite instant virtual parent-teacher meetings rather than waiting for the monthly meeting schedule. The rapid and effective way of discussing any issue will result in finding a solution for the problem without wasting time in setting a communication cycle.

Share online study material

As we are adopting the e-learning method, the study material is also present in the digitized form. The paper-based material is difficult to handle, whereas digitized material can be shared with a few clicks and material is also easy to change and craft.

Vidyalaya will provide a secure and authenticated platform through its school apps where parents can download authorized study material uploaded by teachers. When their ward is absent in the class, they can just visit the platform and just download the study resources uploaded by the teachers for the day. The digitized material is easy and comprehensive as the material can be in the form of videos, audios, PPTs, pictures.

School is nothing less than a home away from a home. So, stakeholders of the system stretch themselves to offer the best potential to improve the system. Though the challenging situations like pandemics, the busy schedule of parents, changing nature of learning systems have forced the institutes to shift their paradigm from contemporary to online learning, the basic remains the same of strong and effective communication between all stakeholders.

Vidyalaya identifies the steps of the future and makes software that can fit for today and tomorrow. School parent apps are one the most demanding software in today’s date as institutes have recognized the need for proper communication with parents. These apps play an important role in bridging the communication gap in the education system. The innovative concept behind these apps can staple in schools for student-teacher, parent-teacher communication.

Let the extensive experience of the Vidyalaya team help you to offer revolutionary school apps that can play a significant role in the comprehensive development of students that can apparently prove to be the foundation of a better country.

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