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How Vidyalaya Student management system assists your institute to succeed

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How Vidyalaya Student management system assists your institute to succeed


What is a Student management system?

Student management system helps you to manage all your administrative activities starting from your admission to accounting including all your finance, examination & its analysis, your HR & their payroll, transportation, library, inventory & much more helping you with the institute’s complete digitalization.

Almost 95% workload of your school is managed by the Vidyalaya Student management system. Even your academics, timetable generation, front office, lesson planning all can be also managed with Vidyalaya.

Why it is required?

The student management system is much needed in this digital era for coping with the ever-changing demands of the school environment. Time is very precious & it can be saved with the Student management system as all the results required, analytical & graphical reports totally free from human error can be got. The software will ease out the communication between the various departments of the school resulting in smooth functioning of the school. You can access your data globally & always marks your presence at the campus.

How it will make you successful?

  • Completely reduces the communication gap

The communication between the various departments of the school – teaching & non-teaching can be eased out. With the proper Student management system selection, you can communicate with your parents easily about all the things in your school & student performance immediately & no need to wait till PTMs, in turn, gaining the parents’ confidence about the school.

  • Secure Data Management

All the data of your school such as students, finance, examination, library, transport, inventory can be managed in a secure way with the help of Student management system. You cannot manage all the school data on papers always. It will lead to error-prone data & as well as increases the workload & stress of the administrators. So, with Vidyalaya Student management system all your data is managed in a secure way.

  • Quick Information Access

With all the data managed properly, you get quick access to all the information whenever required. All the data required is just a click away with Vidyalaya Student management system. With quick information access, the decision making gets faster making to a more powerful management. Without it searching for the records on heaps & heaps of papers or files is very difficult.

  • Paperless Administration

With Vidyalaya Student management system, the paper cost is completely reduced by 76%. Managing all the records manually on the paper is not always possible. It increases the data efficiency & also with quick data recovery. The school can send the circulars, assignments, homework, classwork & fee receipts, exam result in a soft copy where they can download & save. This will benefit both in cutting down the paper costs and ensuring a better cleaner environment.

  • Adopt new technology & make more influence on society

With Vidyalaya Student management system, you are updated with the new school administration digitization needs with all the updated features such as Mobile Application, Tally integration, Online Payment gateway, biometric, VTS and much more innovative ideas required in the school system which helps your organization to stand apart from other organisations without Student management system.

  • Reduced expenditure

A proper investment in the Student management system, all other costs such as the hiring of so many admin staffs, heaps of paper required for the communication of the school’s work with the parents. Your school staff’s time is saved & it also frees them from the mental stress which will obviously save the school’s expenditures.

  • Student Performance Analysis & Exam Reports

Vidyalaya Student management system provides with thousands of reports for tracking the academic performance of the student. There are various analytical & graphical reports for the management to know the school’s overall performance. The result sheets can be given to the parents in a more proper format.

  • Improved Productivity

The way the school management works will boost the overall productivity of the organization. The time & efforts saved from the manual work can be utilized at a correct alternative place.

The use of Student management system is very important as it helps the students to understand and use technology from a young age & adapt it easily helping them to understand how the real world outside the school campuses has adopted the digitization.


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