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Bring Your ITI Institute in Streamline with Vidyalaya’s ITI Education Management software!

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Bring Your ITI Institute in Streamline with Vidyalaya’s ITI Education Management software!

Bring Your ITI Institute in Streamline with-Vidyalayas ITI Education Management software

Industrial Training Institutes, most popularly known as ITIs have played a significant role in industrial growth and development. These institutes train a major workforce so that they fit into diverse industries as skilled workers. Many students opt for these courses as they are very affordable and consume less time span as compared to engineering courses. Most ITI institutes are governed by the government and so a renowned player can automate the processes to boost productivity.

Vidyalaya, an ed-tech software provider with more than 20+ years of experience offers a customized product of ITI college software. The software perfectly matches the unique requirements of ITI colleges and fulfills them to the fullest. As ITI colleges are different from the core academic colleges in a few aspects, the aim remains the same and focuses on the overall development of the students. Let the adoption of digitalization be fruitful for ITI colleges to improve the enrolment and cut down the alleged difference between the ITI and other academic courses.

Here are some of the major benefits, one can get if ITI software is installed on the campus:

Automated and Streamlined Administration

ITI administration is not a bed of roses and thus it creates a lot of issues when done manually. As the education industry is shifting from manual to automation, ITI colleges should adopt the new trend. Vidyalaya provides dedicated ITI management software that will streamline the administration and will help the staff utilize the resources more efficiently. Data of students and institutes are stored on the cloud storage that can be accessed faster and with authorized permission only. So, secure data handling is the prime benefit of adopting Vidyalaya’s products.

Efficient and Comprehensive Student Management

ITI colleges keep records of data, including their personal details, course details, and academic details. These records need to be updated every year. Doing this work manually leads to several flaws as slow progress, less accuracy, and other human intervention errors. Digitalization of records is the need for the hour, so adopt Vidyalaya’s ITI college software so that you can transform these records digitally and store them on the server. This can ease the data entry, modification, and storage also. Even storing alumni information is a piece of cake with this advanced software.

Error-Free Fee Management

Institutes are now insisting on online fee collection because of several benefits. Students can pay the fees without getting hold of the long-stranded queues and staff can also cut down their work of handling cash significantly. Institutes can reduce paper wastage as all transactions are handled digitally and students can download the fee receipt anytime. Vidyalaya secures these digital transactions with a reliable payment gateway so that both integrating parties complete the transactions safely and securely.

Vidyalaya’s ITI software perfectly handles the different modes of payment with the same efficiency, facilitating both students and staff to complete the transactions without restricting themselves to location and time barriers. Students can get fee reminders, due date reminders, or changes in the fee schedules on their registered mobile number so that they are aware of any minute change in the fee management process.

Hassle-free Exam Management

Exams are the most important aspect of any institute. Post pandemic era is more dependent on technology-based exams and thus ITI institutes are now changing their base from manual exam conduction to online. With Vidyalaya’s education management System, ITI institutes can conduct online tests, and exams so that students can appear online, breaking the compulsion of physical presence on campus. The software can conduct different types of exams including objective, and subjective exams as per the requirements. Students don’t have to wait for months to get their evaluation copy, as the software instantly evaluates and produces the report card.

Informative Stock Management

ITI courses deal with different trades like draftsman, carpentry, baker and confectionary, DTP operating, electrician, machinist, and several others. These trades mainly focus on practical work that will make the students fit for the industrial requirements. So, ITI institutes need to maintain a well-managed inventory that will store the instruments, raw materials, and equipment for several works. Vidyalaya suggests an innovative approach for managing this inventory in an automated way so that the hassles of the manual process are eliminated. ITI management software provides a separate module for inventory management so that the inventory in charge can get the stock insights within a few clicks and get all the transactions done faster.

Skilled workers are the backbone of any industry and the Industrial Training Institutes are the home where students get the chance to transform themselves. To make this work more efficient and with a technology-driven approach, these institutes are approaching ITI management software. Vidyalaya’s products are mostly known for their excellence, compatibility, flexibility, and tailor-made features. So, embed Vidyalaya’s industrial training education management software into your campus and make the digital move. Let this strategic move give wings to your institute that will make your students capable of achieving their desired dreams efficiently.

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