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Do Your School Management Software Provide 1500+ Reports?

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Do Your School Management Software Provide 1500+ Reports?


A time consuming, clunky, and laborious process of making reports on different criteria, for instance, school management is asked to make the report on students who got more than average marks from different class and other infinite reports.

This issue, along with many others that plague education management, is now outmoded thanks to School Management Software like Vidyalaya. In an increasingly competitive environment, excellent campus management translates directly to Management success. It is no longer enough for educational institutes to just have a dedicated staff or a well-administered school. Effectively managing all stakeholders and resources data with the minor and major information.

With the help of Vidyalaya School Management Software, educational institutes now can have and from more than 1500 reports. Reports such as the graphical report, summary report, chart report, age group report, list report & detailed report can be served with just one click. So how these reports are formed and what kind of criteria and filtration it provides?

Reports on various sectors can be formed such as Admission reports which include every information from applicants to admit. In addition, reports on the student performance analysis and progressive reports can also be fetched with the help of school management software with one click. Just like above reports on Student data, students summary reports, Attendance report, Exam, Payroll, Accounts, Hostel, Canteen, Stock inventory, transport, etc. reports can be fetched out with the help of school ERP solutions. Moreover, any kind of filtration and criteria can also be setup as per your need.

Customized Reports in School Management Software

Below are few reports among 1500+ that can be formed with the help of Vidyalaya School Management Software.







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