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Customized Reports in School Management Software

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A common demand of any educational institute’s using School Management Software, is “CUSTOMIZATION”, and now every week or month some new changes are asked by the schools and institutions to provide customization in their mark sheets, reports and what not, and looking to the increase in the activities of educational institutes this scenario is going to escalate, upcoming era for school ERP solutions is not going to be about the product anymore, it will be about the service you provide to the customer and how much customization providers will provide.

But this also opens the floodgates of the demand from institutes to give customization in most of the section especially in reports, and it’s going to be more intense with time, which is a drawback from providers point of view. With more than 15 years of experience in School ERP solutions provider, Vidyalaya concentrated more on services relative to the product, and this habit of evolving with clients demand, we developed the solution for this.

Vidyalaya developed the functionality name “Custom Search Report” through which institute can have as many types of reports they, with their own criteria, and that too with only one click, this way schools or university don’t need to ask school management system provides for customization in reports, and it will also put providers off the hook. So how this feature works, and why this is going to be the deciding factor.

For instance, the school wants a list of all the students from Class 9th having blood group of O+.Fetching this data from the individual profile will be time-consuming. Custom Search reports will allow the admin staff to choose just the Blood Group of O+ to be displayed in the report they generate for class 9th students.




Custom search reports in Vidyalaya were designed keeping the fact of customization on school management software in mind. What this means for the future of Vidyalaya is, we are going to continue hearing to your requests and collect as much data as possible from various institutions. Allowing us to work on providing an ERP software which provides a worth full online experience and at the same time provide solutions for each and every specific custom need of all educational institutions using Vidyalaya. Reports and certificates are always going to be how institutes access data on their staff, students and parents. Vidyalaya will always focus on efficiently providing these custom search reports to provide these records and certificates to the institution and user needs.

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