Education the essential need – Each one Teach one !!!!!

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Education plays an important role in shaping once life.The level of education helps to earn respect in society.The importance of education can not be ignored.The person who is knowledgeble knows what’s best for him/her, knows the difference between right and wrong and that’s when he is known as educated.It isn’t about how much marks one gets its about how much one is aware of his surrounding.

Education is the biggest responsibility of every nation. Its being said that Education of women is must because the empowerment and knowledge of one woman can revolutionalise her family.

Life would be disastrous without quality education.Various ways education helps us in our life is discussed below:

* It makes people healthier.
* It helps to save lives.
* It boost up the economic growth.
* Helps to in understanding things.
* Aware the people about their fundamental rights.
* Promote rights for women and children in the society.
* Most importantly it helps to eradicate poverty.

=> The one who is educated no one can fool him. Often we come across cases where the farmers sign wrong papers and have to face long life penalty for giving their land to someone else , it all happens because of lack of education.
=> Knowledge makes one open minded. It makes you stand tall in a discussion and participate enthusiastically with no shame of going dumb.
=> For living, education has become mandatory for a every citizen.
=> A person who is educated has wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom to know the correct and knowledge to reason it.

We live in an ever progressing and developing society. One’s reputation and social image is dependent on educational qualifications.Education is the Biggest urge that society is having.

Its likely to be said ” Padhega India tbi tho Bhadega India”.This helps us become a member of the society we live in and participate actively in the changes and development required in the society.Person way of talking, perception and interaction in a social gathering shall always stand out compared to the one who is illiterate.Every year government is taking huge efforts and plan strategies to maintain the quality of education everywhere because the development of a nation is dependent directly upon the standard of its education.

Each one Teach one…

Would like to share a story ..!!!!
Once there was a town called Ignorance. In the town there was no school; in fact the people were unknown about the tern ‘education’. In that town people had ample money, because a gold mine was there near to that. The owner of the gold mine used to give handsome money to all the laborers and thus they had everything in their possession. Everything was fine there unless a businessman from the nearby town visited Ignorance. The business became astonished by witnessing the large amount of money that the people of the town were earning.

The businessman was very clever and thus prepared a plan to deceive the people of the town. When the businessman was making the plan, the daughter of the gold mine owner came from the big city to visit Ignorance. She understood the plan of the businessman and thus told her father about that. The mine owner realized that because of their lack of education, outsiders were trying to deceive them. Thus the mine owner stopped all the dealing with the businessman and decided to open up a school in the town. His daughter started teaching the kids of the town and thus within few years a good portion of the population became educated. The adult groups also started taking interest in educational activities and thus classes for them had also been started.

Soon the name of the town was also changed to Knowledge. It was from a small spark that the light of education spread in the whole town of Knowledge. Education is like a flame of fire that needs a medium to be spread.

Thanks for reading.
Have a learning time ahead.

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