Vidyalaya OMR Plugin to Help you evaluate your school exams fast-effectively

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Introduction of Optical Marker Reader(OMR) in present examination system was revolutionay step. In this scenario where more focus is on conceptual learning process rather than scoring high score. Schools are required to shift their Examination process from Question-Answer exams to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).

Performance enhancing of child is main focal point which can be raised by constantly evaluating their performances. This is exactly where Vidyalaya’s OMR Solution fits best. OMR Software is a computer software application that makes OMR possible on a desktop computer. It is used for MCQ test pattern to get quick & accurate test results. It is integrated with SMS alerts and e-mails as well.

Vidyalaya’s OMR Solution helps to eliminate human mistakes while verifying OMR sheets as it uses ADF Scanner which leads to reduce cost and labour. It supports multi paper series with random question series.

Special features like single click scanning and result generation. Results reports like mark sheets, division wise results, rank reports  can be generated in fraction of time. It maintains high confidentiality. Once answer key scanned, rest sheet will be verified with high speed on basis of submitted answer key. Negative marking, false answer and multi attempts can be configured.

The use of OMR is not limited to schools but  it is being used in various  competitive exams as well. Its a blessing which easily sort out results of large number of data in short span of time. Schools prestige and branding depend upon their students academic results. Schools can make the best of it by taking MCQ Tests using Vidyalaya’s OMR Software and better their school results.

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