School Branding & Social Media Strategies with Vidyalaya School Software

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School Branding & Social Media Strategies with Vidyalaya School Software

School Branding and Social Media Strategies

Why school need a social media presence ?

What comes to your mind when it comes to an ideal school ?

Discipline? Organized conduct? All-round curriculum? Some fun?
But are our young lads naturally disciplined? Of course, they put their best in regimenting themselves, but they will still have their own sets of distractions. However, for the 90’s kid, it may be a session of gully cricket with comrades or an episode of Shaktiman but for the millennials of 2019, they are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, in short, it is social media.

Juxtaposition of social media and school may seem oxymoron and incongruous to some but if juxtaposed prudently it can give us effective results, especially in terms of business. To put things in perspective lets me take you to the Mariana Trench for the deep dive.

We are living in a world where from information to food and from clothing to maple wood, everything can come online. Every other industry today is leveraging the internet to not just catalyse their business but also as brand manoeuvring and targeted marketing.

So why shouldn’t schools also pitch in and catch up to bolster their aspirations and manifest them. Needless to mention that the larger part of the social media users are youngsters, they also happen to be the primary stakeholders for schools. Thus, it clearly makes sense for schools to join the bandwagon of social media marketing.
Now that we are done diving in the Mariana Trench let’s head towards the heart of the issue to get a hold of the nerve to strategize specifically. Few key points to keep in mind while doing social media marketing.

1. Set up your account- The obvious start line is to have an official account. Handle’s name should be upfront with our ethos and shall relate to the original name of the school. Once the account is set up, we need to make sure we generate enough impressions and for that prompt and swift announcements within the school assembly can be a good option to start with. After generating initial impressions, the admin of the account shall tactfully use graphical content, imagery, and banners to impart the primary idea of the school to garner further viewership on the account.

2. Catalyse every other social media platform to garner presence everywhere- To maximise our reach we shall make sure that we aren’t restricted to just one social media platform and we rather along with the Vikram Lander shall have presence even on the south pole of the moon if possible. The point is that every other social media platform has its own uniqueness. While Instagram can be effective in graphical representation, Twitter may help us in micro blogging, whereas Facebook can be used for providing the users with larger articles given its content management ability. The famous quote related to marketing “Be everywhere” sums it up all.

3. Keep your users updated on regular basis- Merely lurking on the south pole of the moon with Vikram won’t be of any help, unlike Vikram you got to send some signals, that is you need to keep posting regularly with consistency to keep your stakeholders updated. That will not just constantly remind them of your presence but will also help in creating lasting impression.

4. Admin team should be quick in responding- It should club the online trending topics to knit it with apt brand integration. You see how smartly I clubbed Vikram with my article’s agenda and how shamelessly I am bragging it. Jokes apart, catching up with the latest trend to integrate the brand will also make millennials feel a sense of association with the school.

5. Be watchful of your interaction- While we are trying to catch up with the online trend, we shall keep in mind that we are pitching up for “Schools” hence, a sense of decency and chivalry should always be there. A perfect blend of humour with toppings of values will be kind of a treat for the stakeholders.

Keeping up with the tech, providing stakeholders regular updates, and a sense of relatability is key in our scenario. Thorough implementation of the above guidelines can get us to the great heights. Remember the World is Online you just need to ping them effectively and it will respond you in a way you want.

To know more on how to use social media for school branding, contact Vidyalaya school software team now!!

Good day!

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