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Why you must need an Attendance Management System?

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All of us know that attendance is an important academic aspect that impacts the overall performance of the student. So, educational institutes are making it more accessible and advanced to track holistic development. If your school is facing any issues with the manual attendance system, then it’s the right time for you to upgrade to School Attendance Management Software! Do you think such systems are useful only in corporate sectors, blur your perceptions, and gear up for the timely systems already revolutionizing the education sector? We are here with the interesting part of the blog section to give you more details about the Attendance Management Software!

Why must today’s educational institutes have an Attendance Management System?

Today’s educational institutes generate lots of data about learners like personal information, attendance, academic and non-academic, and behavioural information. This information is difficult to manage manually, and attendance, being a core aspect, needs a tailor-made attendance management system. Here are some of the reasons why schools need to switch to an attendance management system ASAP:

  • Save plenty of administrative costs which could have been spent on maintaining the attendance registers, stationery items, and space.
  • Maintain the accuracy in the attendance workflows and eliminate possible flaws like a proxy, inaccurate and missing attendance.
  • Ensure parents about their ward’s safety by sending attendance notifications on their registered email/phone number.
  • Generate customized and standard reports like daily, monthly, yearly, subject-wise, teacher-wise, and class-wise attendance.
  • Analyse the attendance data and predict the behavioural aspects of the student’s future.

An Attendance Management Software offers you a choice of three mediums. Here is a quick overview:

1. Biometric:

Biometric attendance management system uses student’s fingerprints to keep track of attendance. Using the biometric scanner, the scans are updated and sent to the software to punch the attendance. This method gives accurate data about attendance, as the biometrics of any student cannot be duplicated.

2. RFID-based:

RFID-based uses an RFID-based card which is allotted to every student and when they pass through an automatic RFID reader, attendance is punched. Else, the student needs to punch the card against the reader. Through this, accurate and efficient attendance data is stored in the system.

3. Barcode-based:

Barcode-based attendance management system utilizes a barcode scanner to record and maintain the attendance of the students. Barcode scanner will scan the barcode-embedded unique card and will punch the attendance.

What are the most common use cases of an Attendance Management Software?

An Attendance tracking system offers a streamlined way of attendance monitoring and lets us elaborate the most common uses cases of the system:

1. Login and Logout:

Attendance monitoring system partially reduces the burden on the teachers. But it requires students to arrive at the premises physically to mark their attendance. The attendance management system is the easiest and most efficient tool to capture attendance without any mistakes. Teachers can get real-time updates of the students’ attendance along with in and out timings. This detailed information is very much helpful in compliance cases to identify the students’ whereabouts.

2. Leave Management:

Students cannot duplicate their attendance when attendance management software is implemented inside the campus. So, no entry in the system implies the leave for the day. Here, teachers can easily calculate the leaves or bunks of the students and can take the proper actions as they have transparent proof. Also, when a student punches the attendance, a notification is sent to their parent’s mobile number/email notifying them about the timings. So, parents will also have a clear picture about their ward’s whereabouts.

3. Saving of Administrative Cost:

Maintaining attendance registers is very difficult in terms of cost, energy, and space. Also, the way doesn’t yield accurate results. So, an attendance tracking system comes into the picture and reduces the administrative cost. One may argue with the primary investment of the system, but it’s totally worth it when you come across the long-term benefits. As the attendance is punched automatically, teachers don’t have to spend time on their regular schedule. And they can utilize this time to improve core learning. This will ultimately improve student-teacher coordination and produce good results.

4. Parent Confirmation:

Once the student registers the attendance in the attendance management system, the system automatically sends a notification in the form of an email or message or app notification to the parent’s registered mobile number or email/id. This will ensure the parents that their ward has safely reached or departure to/from the school premises. In today’s world, the safety of students is very much important and parents will get a relaxed breath with this safety feature. This is highly beneficial for the working parents who leave early for their work.

5. Reviewing the Entire Attendance:

From the olden days, attendance is linked to the student’s performance. Modern attendance management software is enriched with predictable analysis features that can help teachers to analyse the attendance data and predict the academic and behavioural aspects of the students. Furthermore, they can bridge the communication gaps and take the necessary action well in advance. Not only for students, but the system data is also helpful for decision-makers of the schools. The data is also open for school admins that they can get real-time insights into the data and can understand the teacher’s performance.

How can Vidyalaya help you improve the Attendance workflow?

Vidyalaya holds expertise in catering to all types of educational software needs across different countries, educational systems, languages, and educational boards. Our software is integrated with top-notch features that help in streamlining routine activities and optimise them for a better future. In case of attendance, we provide a plethora of choices to choose from barcode, RFID, and biometric-based attendance management software, from which institutes can make choices based on their requirements and budget.

  • We help users to create unique and personalized dashboards.
  • We extend our support to identify the areas of improvement.
  • We help you to track the resources with greater efficiency and use them at optimal levels.
  • We ensure students’ safety by sending notifications to parents after punching the attendance.

Concluding Thoughts!

Gone are the days, when schools used to be under pressure to prove attendance. They struggled to maintain the administrative burden of tracking the learner’s attendance. To improve attendance at your school, educational institutes must invest in good attendance management software. This software will help you to track student attendance accurately and generate standard and customized reports to identify trends and patterns. Apart from this, the above-mentioned benefits will surely concrete your decision to adopt the attendance tracking system.

Vidyalaya is a comprehensive school management system that is integrated with an attendance monitoring system that caters to all types of educational institutes. Our cutting-edge attendance management system is the present and future of a smooth and hassle-free learning experience for both students and schools. To ensure the benefits, schedule a free demo with us!

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