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What is attendance management system and how it works?

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What is attendance management system and how it works?

attendance management system

Attendance at any place whether it is the professional world or academic world carries significant importance for the attendee. The attendance depicts dedication and impacts personal and professional growth.

During academic life, regular attendance has importance for both students and schools as:

  • Attendance can improve academic prospects and increase the chances of graduating.
  • When the rate of attendance is increased, school reputation is also improved and can gain prestige in society.
  • Attendance is the measure of a teacher’s performance and school management can take necessary actions if needed.
  • Regular attendance will help to improve the relationship between students and teachers.

So, understanding the importance of attendance, there is indeed a need for a flawless attendance management system. In the traditional chalk and talk method, the teacher needs to spend a significant amount of time marking the attendance for each individual student and for every lecture. As the time duration of each session is fixed, the amount of time spent in the attendance marking is significant. Also, the traditional method comes with several other drawbacks that cause educational institutes to look for effective attendance management software.

Vidyalaya being a leader in providing educational software releases its ultra-modern product that will transform the old attendance marking system into the latest one. This software will manage the absence or presence of the student based on its physical attributes like fingerprints, face, RFID, or IRIS.

What is an attendance management system?

Attendance management is the system that helps the educational institute to manage the attendance monitoring process and brings efficiency to it. It will automate the process to the best possible extent and facilitate you with the custom and standard reports.

Vidyalaya introduces the product for attendance management that will excel in the functionality and will give benefits to both ends. The large customer base is itself the storyteller and it is increasing as time advances. Although the investment cost seems higher the benefits and the durability will turn it into value for money.

Attributes of attendance management software

The attendance management software has become bliss for educational institutes. The evolving technology will bring more efficiency in the software but the basic attributes that decide the efficient working remain the same as follows:

Simple to use

A simple-to-use software even if it lacks one or two features is more preferred over complex software filled with many features. So, user-friendly and simple-to-use software can be an added advantage of the software. The easy but attractive UI, simple data representation, thoughtfully designed database will help the user to use the system efficiently.

No space for errors

The traditional method of attendance management has several flaws that make the method untrustworthy and inefficient. As the student attendance management system removes the human intervention to the best possible extent, it results in more accurate results and less error production.

Reporting at fingertips

Reports are immensely important as decisions are made based on the data represented in the reports. The proper analysis will help the management people to make efficient decisions. With the help of attendance management software, standard or custom reports are made and presented in a user-friendly manner within no time.

Affordable cost

Adopting attendance management systems may require a significant amount of cost to be invested initially. But the affordable cost will boost the decision and the benefits will offer the perfect value for money.

How does the attendance management system work?

In a traditional attendance system, there are chances of duplicate or wrong attendance that may affect the correctness. Also, the data handling is not that secure and can easily tamper or damage. These flaws need to be addressed in the new solution to make it a strong alternative. Generally, automated attendance management focuses on attributes of attendees that cannot be duplicated by an unauthorized entity. Physical characteristics like fingerprints, faces are some of the attributes that are unique to everyone. Vidyalaya grabs this up and designs its attendance software around it.

Vidyalaya offers two ways to conduct the attendance punching in an automated way:

  • RFID Tag
  • Biometric Attendance

RFID Tag-based attendance

In an RFID-based attendance management system, a unique identification card is issued to each user and when they fall in a certain range of the reader device, the attendance is marked.

  • Each student will get his/her own RFID Card. These cards are unique and contain student information in a unique way and stored on the chip.
  • The ultra-high frequency portals are installed at the entrance of each classroom. These devices are placed such that every student passing across them can easily punch his/her attendance.
  • Students need to place their ID cards near the surface screen of the portal installed. The attendance is marked for the student via radio frequency automatically with login and logout time.

Biometric Attendance

As an RFID card can be punched by another student, there may be concern over authentication. Also, students need to carry the RFID card every time they need to mark the attendance. Damage or loss of card may force to bear penalty amount and can increase the overhead of making duplicate cards every time.

To remove these flaws, biometric attendance is the better option. The biometric-based student attendance management system focuses on unique factors like fingerprints or face recognition. As these are specific to the person they belonging, only authenticated attendance will be marked.

  • When creating the database for the same, fingerprints normally the thumb impressions are taken and recorded in the system along with other details like name, age, standard of the student.
  • The reader devices are installed at the entrance of the classrooms or Wi-Fi-based devices are activated with an active internet connection.
  • Students need to place their registered fingers for making impressions in real-time to mark the attendance.

In both ways, when the attendance is punched into the system, an instant notification is sent to the related parent’s registered mobile number via the mobile app. This will ensure that their ward has reached the classroom and attending the lectures safely.

The data stored in digitalized format will help the teachers to draw reports based on various criteria like class-wise, subject-wise, lecturer-wise, division-wise, or by applying custom filters.

The digitalized storing of data will also ensure that the data is safe from tampering, being stolen, or damaged. Also, the teachers need to spend their valuable stating minutes of lecture in marking the attendance and they will be able to concentrate on the core teaching.

With the advancement of time, it is necessary to adopt the change happening in the sector we worked. It will keep you ahead and will make you fit for the future. Vidyalaya’s attendance management system will not only ensure that authenticate attendance is marked but also enhance your brand impression.

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