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How GPS Tracking Software Can Improve School Bus Safety?

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Kids are the heartbeats of every parent and when the responsibility is offered to educational institutes, it becomes a high priority for institutes to keep them safe. Ward’s adjoining journey with the institute starts with leaving for school from home and ends after reaching home safely. This commute time is the high time for both parents and school to take care of wards. Here also, technology extends a helping hand to relieve both parties with an impeccable solution. GPS school bus tracking software is the solution! Don’t let the school transport plague school management and parents anymore. Instead, install this software and get a relaxed breath.

What is GPS tracking software?

GPS tracking software is customized software that tracks the movement of a vehicle and determines the geolocation using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNNS) network. It is very useful in fleet management and has become the need for the hour. Especially in the education industry, GPS-based transport management is beneficial for both parents and school administration. With this automated system, one can have the real-time location of the school bus and diffuse worries.

Vidyalaya, a leading name in the school software industry, integrates this feature into the core product to ensure the complete safety of the wards. School software integrated with GPS tracking for school buses has an added advantage for educational institutes to improve trust factor with parents. Flaws of manual or non-GPS-based transport systems led to the adoption of this system, ensuring them a tech-oriented way of safeguarding the wards.

How GPS tracking can be used in School Commute?

It is just about tracking the school buses, but our integrated software enhances the experience more than that and offers benefits that are not limited to bus tracking. Here are some benefits of having a GPS school bus tracking system for all stakeholders:

1. Real-time Tracking of Vehicle:

This is the first and core benefit that one gets after the installation of a GPS device for school bus. Not even school administration, but even parents can track the real-time location of buses and learn about the whereabouts of the kids. This is really helpful in case of emergencies to take further action. Also, parents can get an idea of actual arrival and departure and can avoid delays. As our tracking system sends notifications to parents’ mobile numbers about the schedule, they can check with their smartphones. Even school administration can be aware of the actual location and can answer to all queries authentically.

2. Design Route Maps Efficiently:

With a clear picture of roadmaps and real-time traffic conditions, the school administration can design route maps efficiently. They can avoid busy roads and save resources significantly with the help of GPS devices for school bus. As school buses have several intermediate halts, designing routes efficiently becomes important. With the absence of a GPS system, it becomes a little tedious to remember all halt locations and be updated for bus attendants.

This human intervention can be eliminated by simply installing GPS device for school bus. Our intelligently created solution will fetch the halt addresses, and route locations, and will offer you the best and optimized route depending upon the timings of the day and traffic conditions. This will help the school administration to have a punctual fleet management service.

3. Save Resources Significantly:

Customized GPS tracking for school buses software is always a cost-efficient solution that not only saves physical resources but saves costs that would have been spent on petrol, vehicle maintenance, time, and energy. School administration can optimize fleet costs and vehicle performance based on GPS parameters. Also, the ability to schedule service reminders will extend the durability of vehicles which in long run can be beneficial for the school.

4. A plus point for School:

Offering the utmost safety to students in a contemporary way can be a plus point for any school. As it shows how you care for the students, what actions you are taking, and investing enough money for fulfilling the promises, you can have a trusted bond with your parents. It gives the right message and imposes a positive impression on your brand.

5. A Check on Safety Parameters:

With GPS school bus tracking solution, school administration can keep a continuous check on safety parameters like speed, driving skills, and others. This is really helpful for schools, as they can have evident information that can be used to improve the current situation. Our system will offer you a detailed report with all safety parameters that will help you in the decision-making process.

Even you can schedule regular maintenance cycles and reminders for the same. This regular servicing will keep your vehicles in good condition for the long run. Also, in case of emergency situations, you can have a detailed history of safety parameters, that will help in further compliance processes.

While many school software provider concentrates on mere school core workflows Vidyalaya ensure comprehensive solutions. Taking the ward’s safety on priority, we build our school ERP software in integration with vehicle tracking so that all stakeholders have a sound sleep at the end of the day! Educational institutes owe to ward safety and necessary strategies should be managed to ensure that.

Vidyalaya helps you to build trust between parents and educational institutes about the ward’s safety with GPS school bus tracking software. Get in touch with us to buy a full package of school ERP which obviously comes with a school transport tracking module or you can even place a request for an individual module and make all safety ticks marked!

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