School Bus Tracking System

Top Key Features of School Bus Tracking Software that you should know

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Top Key Features of School Bus Tracking Software that you should know

School Bus Tracking Software

Consider a scenario: Your education institute manages the transport of the students through school bus management. When your bus reaches late to the destined halts, your phone rings at the speed of heartbeats. You get annoyed by answering the unstoppable phone rings from the queued parents waiting for their wards to receive or drop. And, when you manage to call the transport staff, you get to know the reason that bus broken down due to missed service routine.

Need to bring change in this situation? Get help from School Bus Tracking software. Today’s world is technology-driven and the transport system has seen a drastic change. Rather than relying on human resources for efficient management, administrations are taking investing in dedicated software for it and feeling the better experience. Vidyalaya, a school software provider promising player brings school transport management to a new step with its own school bus tracking system. Want to know what one should see while investing in a bus tracking system? This article is the perfect guide for you to know the key features of the system.

Know the real-time location of your school bus

It is the primary feature required in any bus tracking system is knowing the real-time location of the vehicle. The exact location can be known by integrating GPS technology into the system. This feature is extremely useful in cases like a bus breakdown, unexpected delays, traffic, rain. Parents and school administrators can get the expected behavior is not happening and where the bus has stuck.

Vidyalaya will ensure that parents and school management is known about the real-time location of the vehicle in any case with the help of Bus tracking software. This can be true bliss for working parents. Knowing the exact location will also keep informing parents about delays due to traffic, break down, or any unexpected reason.

Effective Vehicle management

Maintaining school transport is a big task. The underlying sub-tasks like deciding bus routes and stops, vehicle maintenance, purchase, fuel expense, and several others altogether make the management overhead. A dedicated system designed for this can resolve this and give relief.

Vidyalaya with its tailor-made product of school bus tracking system can facilitate the school management to have an effective school transport management. A single platform is capable of handling all transport-related things mentioned above along with compliance checking things like pollution check certificates, license renewal. Data stored in one place can be referred to for various purposes but only by authorized users.

Keep the parents in the loop

Parents are worried when their wards are not reached to school or home on time. They keep asking the school correspondent for unexpected delays. If they know the location of the school bus or that the bus is coming late on a prior basis, there is no reason to worry.

Vidyalaya gives relief to both parents and school management with its bus tracking system. The system will proactively send notifications and alerts to the parents’ registered mobile number. Any change in pickup or drop timings or pre-determined route is sent via notification through SMS or app notification. This prior awareness will eliminate the cause of worry and will increase the trust that their wards are in safe hands.

Best possible route management

Deciding routes for school buses is a tedious task. They need to consider all possibilities like the stock of transport requirements, availability of required resources, the minimum number of stops, optimize the trip duration. Even the best possibilities are considered, there may have some unexpected reasons where management fails to perform well.

Vidyalaya can come to help with its best-designed school bus tracking software. The software can help in comprehensive route management. Adding new routes without disturbing old ones is easy now. The software allows you to delete redundant or long routes while enabling you to add or new stops within few clicks. Thus, the school management can keep control of the entire process without stepping outside the school campus.

No more crowd in the school bus

It is the common scenario that school transports are crowded with students, there may have incidents like students not being able to pick up or drop at their destination due to overcrowded bus or some may even get injured inside the bus. Many parents concern about this issue so they refuse to allow their wards to opt for school bus transport.
Schools can offer the best bus seat allocation with Vidyalaya’s bus tracking system such that they get digitalized view of the bus seats and allocation is done on a per-seat basis. This can also eliminate the possibility of wrong seat allocations and will avoid further inconvenience.

Fee Management and collection

School transport fees are different from school regular fees. The transport section looks after the fee-management and collection of bus transport. Vidyalaya will help the transport staff to accomplish all fee-related tasks without any hassle. Transport fees can be calculated based on the stop decided for the student or a flat amount. Effective fee management can help management to have detailed reports so that the entire transport scenario is under their control. The auto-generation of receipts will facilitate the staff to work fast.

The school bus tracking system will help authorities to have correct data about transport staff attendance, their working hours, and can process payroll for them.

Efficient solution

Every organization keeps a tab on its expenses and tries to save resources wherever possible. Offering school transport and conducting it requires a significant number of resources in terms of manpower, money, time, effort. Manual record-keeping and management yield a wastage of resources.

Vidyalaya’s student tracking system will help any educational institute in saving costs and other resources when they adopt the software for it. The automation will reduce the manual work and will bring efficiency in saving all resources.

School bus tracking system is the software that manages and streamlines the school transport activities with the integration of GPS. The benefits are inviting and need of today’s fast-paced era. As the safety and security of students are the utmost priority of any education institute, they have to look for a flawless system for it. Vidyalaya relishes with its software makes the student track a piece of cake.

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