Library Management System

Top Advantages of Library Management System

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Top Advantages of Library Management System

Top Advantages of Library Management System

The librarian has to look after thousands of books kept in the library and also for multiple processes done in the library. To issue, return, reserve, and keep maintenance of the book, the librarian has to work tirelessly.

Implementing the library management software means making the library digital. In this era of digitalization, everything is online. Let’s make the library available for each student online.

Below are some of the handy features available in Vidyalaya, which the organization can use and make the library work efficient and easy for their librarian.

Multi-Library Management:

With the help of Library management software, multiple libraries available in the organization can be managed. The management can get the complete summaries data of all the libraries.

The data of the books such as Language, Subject, Author, publisher, and Supplier need to be entered only once. The library software provides the facility to enter the data in bulk.

Maintaining Books Data:

Managing the data of each book manually is a tiresome process for the organization, the work for librarians now becomes trouble-free. The data of the book can be imported into Library management software in one go.

The book’s data such as the accession number, ISBN number, Edition of the book, date of book purchase, price of the book, Etc. data can be imported in bulk. Other than the books the data of magazines also can be managed.

Easy Book Search:

In order to search for a book in an immense library, the student or staff does not have to roam here and there. This software makes it handy for the reader to search for the book at their fingertips.

The reader just needs to search for the book title in the software. Apart from the title, multiple other filtrations is also been provided for the ease of book search such as the subject, author, Location of the book, Etc.

 A catalog:

The organization can get the status of each book such as available, borrowed, reserved, lost, etc. in a catalog according to the book type. We can get the total count of the book according to the booking status.

A catalog helps the student or staff to find the book easily and even with the help of book status the student can identify whether the book needed is available or not.

Increase in Productivity:

With the increase in the work of a librarian, the Library Management Software helps multiple works to get streamlined. The entire operations of the library can be handled with the software.

The system can help in saving time, spent on other work. Much of the time can be spent on other priority work and can be completed on or before time. Hence productivity at work can be increased.

Book Issue Return:

The book can be issued to the student as well as staff with one click. The book can be issued by searching only two things, the book code, and the student ID number. The book can be issued according to the days set.

The organization can set the number of books issuable, issue days, reserve days, and penalty per day for each class, department, and organization. After the book issue, the child or staff can easily return the book on due date.

Book Return Due:

To notify the student about the due date, the organization can send an E-mail, SMS, or mobile app notification to the student and staff. The notification can be sent prior to the due date.

The organization can get the list of students and staff having the book due and can send the message according to the need. The message can be customized as well as the template can be sent.

Penalty for Return Due:

In order to take the penalty for the return due, the organization can set the cost of the penalty per day. According to the penalty cost and the number of days exceeded, the software will calculate the amount auto.

Library with Barcode:

Barcode is completely integrated with the library; the details of the book can be entered into the software by just scanning the barcode of the book. The barcode even helps in the book issue and return.

Barcodes can also be provided to students, by scanning the barcode of a student and book both the details can be get in the software. It makes the work easy for the librarian to fetch the data for book issues and return it.

Mobile Application Integrated with Library:

The details regarding the library can get in the library directly in the mobile application to the teachers as well as students. The data such as availability of the book, due date, and much more.

The Library Management System helps the organization to help in saving time, and increase efficiency, also it is cost-effective and easy to implement in the organization.

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