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Top 5 Best Asset Management Software to Watch out for 2022

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Top 5 Best Asset Management Software to Watch out for 2022

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Have you ever wondered who manages and looks after the desktops, laptops, classroom furniture, and other assets in the educational institute? How they are issued, kept track of, repaired on time, and delivered to the desired place on time? All these processes are called asset management and the asset manager accomplishes these responsibilities with the help of the school asset management system. A school asset management system is a system that registers every asset used in the education institute, keeps the track of it, schedules its maintenance cycle, and reserves it in advance.

There is much school asset management software available in the market. Experts pick the top 5 software based on the features they offer and rank them based on their proficiency level:

  • Vidyalaya

Marking itself in a leading position, Vidyalaya leaves an everlasting impression in the market of asset management services, especially if you are looking for educational domain software. The leader software is proficient enough to be in a prominent position with its extraordinary features.

Let’s take a glance at why Vidyalaya is the number one choice for educational institutes if they are looking for a school asset management system solution:

  • With its multi-asset management feature, Vidyalaya will never fall you down in handling any type of asset. Simple to use UI will manage all data to store and streamline the management under a single ERP system.
  • RFID or Barcode based asset registration will make tracking and storing faster.
  • Effectively handles the maintenance cycle of all assets so that there is no inconvenience in transactions. Also, the entire track of charges paid for the maintenance process is kept to match the audit requirements.
  • Many assets fall under multiple categories. It is possible to define them under this software.
  • No asset is assigned to an anonymous identity, so will get to know who is the authenticate assignee of the asset.
  • A desktop or mobile app notification for alerting of asset maintenance to avoid further damage and get the in-time recovery.
  • Efficient reporting will give real-time insights into the asset inventory to make further decisions.
  • Fulfills the audit requirements to their fullest.
  • Cloud-based security will tighten the security around data and applications and eliminate the chances of unauthorized access to data and applications.
  • Available on all leading operating systems and offers a mobile application.

Acupoms is the common platform offered by the organization situated in Pune. It will channel all the tasks related to your asset management activity. The comprehensive solution will enable the user to keep track of all processes with ease. It can work as a toolbox for hard and soft types of assets of your educational institute.

Here are the luring features of the school asset management software that can attract the buyers to buy it for their educational institute:

  • Automate all manual processes like asset tracking, asset registration, asset management, and reporting.
  • Data security will keep your data and application secure and prevent it from unauthorized use.
  • Users can access the application and data from any place and any time without bearing the restrictions of place and time.
  • The software assures one-touch information about all types of assets and users who are accessing the assets.
  • TYASuite

The cloud-based ERP software TYASuite is also competent for managing all types of asset management needs. The software is affordable, scalable, flexible, and ideal for small-start-ups and small-scale businesses.

Here are the plus points of the TYASuite school asset management system, have a look:

  • The plug-and-play platform will help, manage, and accomplish your business needs automatically and with ease.
  • The entire asset management cycle is managed effectively to save resources and bring efficiency to the system.
  • The integrated modules will cover asset tracking, asset acquisition, asset maintenance, warranty, insurance, and other important activities related to assets.
  • The cloud-based ERP will enhance the security of data and underlying applications.
  • AssetMint

With this key player school asset management software, one can optimize resource allocation and utilization in the education institute. It is capable of handling and managing all types of assets.  The effective reporting feature will empower to make efficient decisions based on realistic and faster data retrieval.

The features of AssetMint are mentioned below:

  • Barcode-based asset registration and tracking will help the institute to keep digitalized track of assets easily.
  • The maintenance management will look after the maintenance cycle on a regular basis so that further damage can be avoided.
  • The bulk disposal report will enable the institute to discard or dispose of assets in bulk quantity at the same time.
  • Users can set alerts for servicing and maintenance schedules to assure that regular and timely serving happens.
  • EByte

The EByte is a complete school asset management software that will increase productivity and improve the accomplishment of functions. It allows you to pick up the best pricing plan depending on your institute’s requirements. It will reduce the need for the employees to manage the monotonous tasks such that they can concentrate on the core business functions.

Here are the functional features of the software:

  • Generate asset invoices with simple UI-based forms.
  • The user will help the management to track the asset’s improvements and implementations.
  • The bird’s eye view will help you to make proper decisions and achieve operational efficiency.
  • The equipment maintenance cycle is properly managed.

School is the place where assets are misplaced and damaged. These assets are monitored and managed well to keep them sustainable and durable. Asset ledgers or spreadsheet entries are the media where all management transactions are made when the manual method is adopted. The drawbacks of this method deter the management and look for a better option. Vidyalaya fulfills the requirement and comes with an advanced option with a school asset management system. With the system, schools or colleges can get updated information about their asset quantity, status, location, and usage. This can save the institute money and resources. Depending upon the institute’s needs, one can choose and implement the best school asset management system on the campus. Let the best school asset management system serve your requirements and keep you ahead of the competitors.

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