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Know Why Many Schools Are Used Asset Management Systems Effectively

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Know Why Many Schools Are Used Asset Management Systems Effectively

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The traditional chalk-and-talk learning method is now vanishing with the rise of virtual or online learning methods. Students of the millennial era need to be prepared for the global platform of tomorrow. So, educational institutes are adopting new methodologies to streamline and manage their daily routines. With the manual method, assets are maintained or recorded with asset registers or spreadsheet entries. With the invention of school management software, this sector is now open to using dedicated software for its core modules. Assets, any educational institute is possessing can be costly and need to be maintained with utmost care. These assets can include laptops, desktop computers, projectors, books, class furniture, sports equipment, and many others. Also, the diverse challenges will force the educational institute to look for a sustainable option to survive this situation.

Challenges an educational institute may face while managing assets are:

  • A growing number of assets
  • Dwindling budgets and staffing
  • Information accuracy
  • Location and time boundaries

Vidyalaya’s school asset management system is the perfect option. Being a leader in the education software industry, the product is making talks in the market with its extraordinary features. The effective usage of the system empowers the management to adopt this system.

Reasons behind using school asset management system:

  • Keep the track of each asset

Knowing the location of any asset is the elementary and minimum-required functionality that any management wants from the system. The manual or spreadsheet-entered systems are vulnerable to giving the exact location and the status of each asset. Assets in this system are assigned a number with which the record is maintained. When technology help is taken, this methodology can be advanced to electronic tracking of assets.

Vidyalaya with its school asset management system will keep track of every asset efficiently and will give the current and updated status information. With the integration of third-party software like a barcode of RFID, the system enables the software to get correct status and efficient tracking. Maintaining the right track will always increase accountability on the asset management staff and will help the management to manage the budget in the right way.

  • Flawless school activity

Different departments need different assets. It is the responsibility of the asset manager to provide all required assets to all whenever they need them. Sometimes, the requirements can be overlapped as many assets are shared by different classes or departments. Human-handled systems can be prone to errors like forgetting to preserve the assets for the class or wrongly allocating the assets or any other.

Vidyalaya prevents you from committing these mistakes and makes the asset allocation or management flawless with the help of school asset management software. As each asset has a unique ID and records are well maintained along with the user ID details, there are almost no chances of mistakes. Also, the software has role-based security, there are no cases of unauthorized access to the data.

  • Timely routine maintenance

There are always common scenarios where assets cannot be used due to poor maintenance or lack of maintenance. Time plays important role in the entire maintenance scheduling process. As digital assets need timely maintenance otherwise, they can run out of service which can cause loss to the institute. A strict and regular scheduling activity needs to be designed to send the assets for routine maintenance and taking follow-ups.

Vidyalaya does this within a few clicks with the help of a school asset management system. The system helps to create a comprehensive calendar for the maintenance of assets. The system also sends reminders for the scheduled routine so that the allocated assets can make ready for servicing. Regular maintenance will surely cut off the costs and can increase the life of assets.

  • Availability of accurate assets

A school or college is one of the busiest places where lots of people are dealing with different things. Many things can be moved out of their place due to various reasons by many people. The assets must be there before starting the academic activity to ensure smooth functionality. This can be acquired when there is a systematic approach to the entire asset management process.

Vidyalaya’s school asset management software is the one-stop solution for all your asset management needs. The software provides a common platform that enables asset inventory updation instantly. The check-in and check-out options will keep you always ready for serving the asset requests.

  • Reducing the number of manual asset audits

Like every other organization, schools also undergo audits to assess and match the expense and income. The proper record keeping will help the institute to survive through these audits without any flaws. These audits are important in funding and budgeting for each department.

The school management system provided by Vidyalaya will help audits by keeping updated information about assets used, their current status, the expenditure made on them, and who is using the assets in actuality. Manual tracking and maintaining the records will take so much time, so the system will make reduce overhead for the asset management staff. Drawing custom and standard reports will tell the entire story within a few clicks that too with accurate reports.

There are still many schools that cannot able to answer the basic questions about the assets as they may have lacked an efficient system required to manage these processes. The process of learning has changed with time, so the installation of a dedicated system is the need of the hour. There is improved awareness about children’s education nowadays. Parents of today’s age do not want to take admissions in schools where outdated systems are still being used. They want their children to grow up in systems where they have better exposure to technology. If are you also one of these types of schools that still missing the benefits of advanced school software, then make a shift with Vidyalaya’s school asset management system

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