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How to Handle Your School Effectively using Time Table Management Software?

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Creating a comprehensive timetable is not as easy a task as it seems. Every school needs to address this task on a priority basis after the admission process is completed. A comprehensive and non-overlapping timetable design ensures that there is perfect sync of energy between available school resources and time spent by the students in the school. Manual design of timetable takes much time and timetable may not be that much optimized. So, diversion to software that can do this task with ease can seem the best solution for this problem.

There are different aspects that need to be considered when designing a timetable, like:

  • Subjects’ complexity
  • Weightage of subjects for final exam
  • Teachers’ availability
  • Non-academic subject’s weightage

Vidyalaya considers all these aspects so well and comes up with a dedicated school timetable management system. The system is capable of keeping the troubles away from schools and can generate a weekly, yearly, annual, or daily timetable that can fit the school’s requirements and preferences. The system also involves teachers and students in the process by sending an instant notification when there is a change in the fixed schedule.

In case when the relevant teacher is absent, a provision can be made through the system so that an alternate teacher can be arranged without wasting the session. Teachers are allocated to different classes, so their availability must be considered on a prior basis while designing the timetable. Looking at the benefits offered by the system, one can definitely zero down on Vidyalaya’s timetable management software.

Have a glance at the benefits offered:

Auto-schedule and creation of timetable:

Set your teachers and supporting staff free from this stretching task by creating the desired timetable that will fit all your requirements within a few clicks. Vidyalaya’s school timetable management software automatically creates time table for all divisions and classes with optimized usage of resources available. Outsourcing this task to the dedicated software can help the teachers and other staff to have relaxed feelings or they can concentrate on their core responsibilities in a better way.

Teachers are well-aware of their own schedules:

Vidyalaya keeps the teachers in the same loop while designing the timetable. It sends a copy of time table to all teachers. Also, teachers can see their daily lecture schedule upon login so that they can plan their preparation accordingly. Vidyalaya’s timetable management software is truly bliss for teachers.

Students are also aware of upcoming activities:

As time table is created by considering all upcoming events, and activities happening for the class, students can check the important updates by reviewing the timetable for the week or month. The school timetable management software can help students to start the preparation accordingly.

Classroom allocation- a few clicks away:

Many schools have limitations for infrastructure that they conduct the classes of different classes in the same classroom. In that case, room availability matters a lot to implement a hassle-free timetable. Vidyalaya’s school timetable management system makes the classroom allocation a few clicks away task by providing a non-clashing timetable.

Send notifications to teachers and students in case of changes:

Many times, swapping is made in terms of teachers. But it can create problems when it is not informed on a prior basis. To avoid this, Vidyalaya’s time table management software sends notifications to teachers and students when there is a change in the pre-specified timetable. This can avoid confusion and inconvenience.

Balance the weightage of subjects:

Not all subjects have the same weightage in the final exam. There are some complex subjects and some are a little complex but high-priority subjects that need to address on an emergency basis. So, Vidyalaya’s school timetable management system will make a fair balance so that there is no gap between complex and high-priority subjects.

Adjust your vacations

Every school gets two long vacations of summer and winter. The dates of these vacations depend upon government authorities or school administration. With the help of school timetable management software, one can easily adjust the summer and winter timetables that will both fulfill government regulations and school requirements.

Vidyalaya’s school timetable management system is capable of designing different types of timetables. Especially, for multi-campus institutes, this feature proves to be very useful. Along with a standard or auto-generated timetable, the system offers customization so that the end product should be apt and perfect-fit for the school’s requirements.

Here are the types of timetables Vidyalaya’s system can create:

  • Class-wise Time table- This is particular to a specific class. This can also tell which teacher will take which session along with timings.
  • Teacher-wise timetable- This is teacher specific timetable that is useful for teachers to view which sessions are assigned to them across different classes.
  • Consolidated timetable- This is the integrated timetable that is followed in the school which comprises teacher and subject allocation along with timings.
  • Free period-teacher timetable- This timetable can be helpful for the principal to view the teacher’s availability. In case of emergency, the free teacher can be assigned to the class as a substitute.
  • Games Timetable- This timetable will tell which class will have a games period so that students can get their required resources without any hassle.

A timetable is a schedule that a school follows and is different for each class for every day that assigns subjects based on their priority. The plan shows what activities will happen at what time. Not only the academic but also the non-academic activities including crafts, exercise should gain proper weightage in the school timetable. Vidyalaya gives justice to all subjects by designing an efficient timetable so that students’ growth will not be limited to just subjective topics and other resources are efficiently distributed with its school timetable management system. Proper management will help to prioritize tasks and boost the quality of work. Free your teachers from this monotonous task and let them concentrate on their studies. Also, let students enjoy everyday school with a variety of subjects with a perfect and non-overlapping timetable designed by the timetable management software.

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