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Top 5 Ways to Connect School Effectively with Help of Alumni Management System

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Top 5 Ways to Connect School Effectively with Help of Alumni Management System

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School or college life is interesting in the company of friends. Students spend most of their time at schools and that yields a strong bond between the batchmates. But, after passing out from the institute, 90% of students change their contact details. This can impact losing the bond and loosing the connection. The educational institute is also recognized with its alumni network for the rest of the world. They are the real brand ambassadors of the institute. In this digitalized era, educational institutes or friends can connect with each other’s on social media. But there are several limitations to this approach. So, Vidyalaya brings out a dedicated platform to the school alumni management system to establish a connection with your ex-students. The system will refresh the ways of interaction with alumni with its features.

What is an alumni management system?

The software that facilitates any educational institute to provide a common platform for connecting their ex-students and offer them an enriched experience about the latest updates happening in the institute even after they have passed out.

Alumni management system has various benefits apart from bringing back their alumni like:

  • Streamlined and structured approach for record-keeping of alumni information
  • Easier fundraising through donations, campaigns
  • Integrated mailing list
  • Custom and standard report facility
  • Get updates about the current vacancies, latest job posts

With the help of this system, an educational institute can design strategies to strengthens the bond with its ex-students. The system is enriched with diverse provisions like a chatbox, event management, fundraising campaign such that there is an improved connection between the participating entries. Here are the top five ways through which an educational institute can connect with its legacy runners with the help of Vidyalaya’s renowned alumni management system:

1. Regular events

Everyone wants to be a part of entertaining events. Hosting an event and inviting the alumni can be the first move an educational institute can make to bring back the alumni. These events can be a great source of networking opportunities and are often appreciated by young alumni also.

Vidyalaya’s school alumni management system can help the management to organize an event at any scale. The integrated mailing list will help the host to send invites to all alumni without fail. The system can also facilitate the hosts to send important updates to all invitees. The easy event registration process will streamline the process and make it easy for both participating entries.

2. Campus Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the mediums through which important updates and happening things are informed to the alumni, faculties, students, staff members. They are generated mostly on a monthly or quarterly basis. Newsletters are the bridge that connects alumni with their alma mater through regular communication.
With the reduced wastage of paper, and offering an eco-friendly solution, newsletters are preferred over mails nowadays. Vidyalaya recognizes the latest way of handling these types of mediums and facilitates the educational institute to send email newsletters with the help of school alumni management software. Educational institutes can pitch email marketing through newsletters also.

3. Quarterly Alumni Magazine

On a larger scale, educational institutes can think of publishing magazines for their alumni which can definitely strengthen the bond between alumni and the educational institute. These magazines can be crafted by mentioning the extraordinary achievements, rewarding positions that the students are grabbing. Even a small section can be kept reserved for the career opportunities from the alumni network.

Vidyalaya will keep all the relative information of important updates related to school activities and can help you to draft the content. The school management system released by Vidyalaya will store the minute details about the alumni so that no one can miss outreaching the updates. The system also gathers information from the alumni about their journey, struggle, rewards in the professional or social life so that current students can get inspired by the noble work of their seniors.

4. Tailor-made social media

The current era is of social media. There may be perhaps few people who stay away from it. If you want to reach maximum people at a time, then social media is the best option. For educational institutes, social media can be work as a mediator to convey their good deeds to the people, students, parents, and alumni.

Vidyalaya will integrate social media management with its school alumni management software platform so that the institute can have a presence on the latest social media handles. The platform allows creating different groups that can connect the alumni better.

5. Student-alumni mentorship

Mentorship programs are arranged for improving the student-alumni relationship. These programs are preferred by the students as they also want to be engaged with the talents who came after and before their course of study and want to know in which areas, they are shaping their respective careers.

Vidyalaya’s product of school alumni managed software can help the alumni from different batches to connect on same interest areas like favorite games, area of expertise, hometown. The online forum provided by the software will accomplish the task of building the bridge between different souls. Through this, current students can get exciting opportunities like internship openings, career guidance, and hands-on knowledge, latest updates. These all can helpful for them when they enter the professional world.

Graduation is a wonderful activity that is on the border of accomplished education and opening of a bright future. It is not like that, universities or institutes can raise their hands up after completion, of course, rather they have more to do. In that case, recording alumni information manually or in excel format is not favorable. Vidyalaya will fill that space with its exceptional alumni management software and will take the relation between the educational institute and its alumni to the next best level.

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