What is School Parent Portal? How It will Benefit in Current Era?

What is School Parent Portal? How It will Benefit in Current Era?


Digital tools have already occupied a significant place in our daily lives. The dependency on digital tools is increasing day by day. In the education sector also, digitalization has spread its wings and now institutes are operating their daily routines with the help of different software. The boom in the ed-tech sector represents the importance of educational software. Parents, an ignored aspect of the educational sector to date, are now regaining their importance. Parents are now being proactive and are taking interest in their child’s education. To keep them updated, schools are now investing in the school parent apps. The app will bridge the communication gap between parents and school, leading them to sneak into their child’s academic life.

What is the school parent portal?

The school parent portal works like a window into the wards’ academic life. They give the exact status of what is happening inside the campus, right from timetables, attendance, to events, meals. The school parent portal is a way through which teachers can send a real-time announcement to parents.

School parent portal needs to be crafted by thorough understanding. Not all software providers make it possible to reach up to the expectation. Vidyalaya, with long domain experience and a thorough knowledge base, crafted the school parent portal in such a way that it can really be apt to all integrating partners. It offers the easiest way to find a solution for every problem, may it be downloading holiday homework to checking the remarks of assignments uploaded by teachers, school parent portal has everything for you.

What aspects will help you to decide on the apt school parent app for your institute?

The key to finding the best school parent app is its UX or user experience. It is very important to offer some out-of-box so that your students and parents are fully satisfied with your investment.

Here are some pointers that will help you to decide on the apt school parent app for your institute:

Why a school parent portal is the need of the current era?

A school parent portal should satisfy all the requirements and should be enriched with features that can fascinate school administrative members to invest in the portal.

Here is the list of features:

Track school transport

Knowing the school bus location can keep parents away from worries and anxiety. They can often make them panic when the school bus distracts from the scheduled timetable, leading to calling to school office frequently.
Vidyalaya can provide relief by providing them with a tool that can give you real-time status of school commute. Parents can track the location of their wards using the school parent portal. Also, changes in schedules are immediately announced on the portal so that they are rapidly conveyed to the parents. School authorities can track the behavior of the commute staff, can set different reminders about vehicle maintenance, fuel expenses using the same app, and can be ready to provide up-to-date information to parents about reliable school commute.

Pay the fees online

Parents can pay the school fees online without wasting time waiting in long queues. They can use the school parent app to pay the fees with a secure payment option. Vidyalaya integrates advanced payment gateways to provide security to financial transactions. Even the app can send notifications and reminders in the form of SMS, app notifications, push messages about the due date, change in fee structure. Institutional staff can be relieved from handling huge amounts of cash, account management, donation management as all these tasks are automatically managed by the single app itself.

Exam and session timetable

It is not the case that every student conveys all the things happening in the school to parents. Parents may be unaware of the exam timetable or day-to-day timetable. To be in the same loop, parents can check the exam timetable using the student-parent portal. The portal gives updated information about the ongoing exams, class tests, semester exams with all details. Also, the academic timetable can be checked online so that parents can get an idea about the classes being conducted on daily basis. This updated information can help parents to be active and help their children in preparing for the exams well.

Track the attendance

It is a common complaint of parents that they cannot track the attendance of their wards if the institute does not have dedicated software for that. Vidyalaya can rescue you in this issue and using the school parent app, parents can now track the daily attendance of their ward. The app sends auto-notifications to parents when the attendance is marked for the day. This way, parents get the real-time status of their ward’s attendance and they can also draw the reports of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly attendance without any hassle.

Check homework status

Parents are always worried about their ward’s homework status. Looking at their busy schedule, they cannot be in the loop every day. But Vidyalaya’s school parent portal gives you the chance of being updated. The portal is updated with the daily homework, and parents can check it anytime on their mobile phones also. They can even check the status of homework submitted, grades obtained, remarks given by teachers using the portal. This will help parents to pay attention to the ward’s homework and make sure that they complete it on time.

Event calendar

The academic calendar of every school is full of events. To carry out the events well, a well-planned preparation can help a lot. Parents when aware of the events well in advance can make the best preparation for their ward. Also, they can make necessary arrangements in their professional life too in order to be with their child on D-day. Vidyalaya makes sure that parents can make a perfect balance between their professional and parental life by introducing the school parent app. The mobile app can give you detailed information about all the events happening in the class, school with date and time.

Vidyalaya’s school parent portal plays a significant role in connecting parents directly to the school. All activities happening inside the school campus are immediately updated on the school portal so that parents must aware of them. It works seamlessly for your school community. This provides an online platform so that parents can access students’ information without any hassle. Install the outstanding app and let it become an engaging destination for your students, staff, and parents.

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