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What is Parent Portal Software? How It will Benefit in Current Education System?

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Need of Smart ERPs: –

E-learning basically is becoming a very common trend that for all intents and purposes specifically makes education sort of for all kind of fairly much more convenient and enjoyable, which mostly & essentially is fairly significant in a basically pretty big way in a kind of contrary to popular belief, or so they generally thought. Several schools, universities, and institutions essentially for all purposes have begun to use education ERP software for all intents and purposes essentially managing and streamlining all administrative data in a kind of effective manner in a subtle way, which generally is quite significant in a very major way. 

Growth of Education ERP Industry: – 

The education ERP system collects all of the institution`s data with a single click and allows improved collaboration, which for the most part really is fairly significant in a particularly very big way, quite significant in a sort of basically major way, or so they for the most part though. According to recent research, the global education ERP market size specifically is projected to kind of literally grow from USD 12.7  billion in 2021 to used 25 point two billion by 2026 at a compound really kind of pretty annual growth rate (cagr) of 14 points (7%) during the forecast period which generally is quite significant, The growing complexity of traditional management systems, for the most part, has created significant prospects for the ever-expanding need for new and fairly kind of smart education platforms.

The technology is required to generally kind of overcome the communication gap between schools and parents, which as a result, educational institutions implement clever techniques for all intents and purposes portal software, which kind of is quite significant, or so they for the most part though, which definitely is fairly significant.

Use to Parents and students: – 

Here`s where companies like Vidyalaya are great in use because we particularly our solutions for all intents and purposes are quite exhaustive and in-depth to cover all aspects we One of those aspects for the smoother communication with parents and usefulness to parents in a kind of fair sort of generally have too complicated a system reason being may keep it at parents understanding level This is where Vidyalaya actually has done a phenomenal job by keeping it up to date for our customers in a subtle way, which mostly is appreciated by our existing clients.

We generally have tried for all intents and purposes to keep it as easy to understand as possible. Makes it quite useful to parents. You may call we have created Parent Portal Software too.  Or it is also student-oriented so we can also call it student portal software. Since it is online we can call both the portals as Online Parent Portal Software and Online Student Portal Software.

Features of Parent Portal: – 

  • Can for the most part see attendance 
  • Can download Fees Receipt 
  • Can chat directly with the teacher 
  • Can generally see pictures of events in which their child essentially has taken part. 
  • Can really see who definitely mostly is a classmate of their child for safety purposes, which definitely is quite a significant aspect of a parent’s concern.

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