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Why Every School need an Online Admission Management System?

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Have you noticed the change in the admission system after the implementation of online admission software in the educational institute? Isn’t the change inviting? Yes, of course. The benefits offered by the software lures the educational institutes to follow the way of online admissions. In today’s competitive era, every institute wants to sustain so they need to think out-of-box and offer a seamless experience not only in academic terms but also in non-academic aspects. As the academic years start with admissions, the service offered during this period becomes the impacting factor for the rest of the year. If your admission process contains lots of hassles, a negative impression is created among the students. So, many institutes are now opting for an admission system to make a great kickstart at the beginning of the academic year. Vidyalaya being a forerunner in providing educational software takes the opportunity to serve you the best admission system. If you still don’t have the magical software for admission, then this article perfectly works as a guide for you.

Definition of online admission system

The online admission system is the set of applications that will complete the admission cycle of a student. The system accomplishes the tasks starting from publishing the admission notice to the school website to declaring the final list and making the final admission by paying the fees. 

The single platform that is internally connected to different departments of an institute manages and streamlines the admission procedures through web-enabled software. The portal may be integrated with third-party software like payment gateway, SMS software, Email server to accomplish the process.

Features of online admission software

Vidyalaya’s online admission software is enriched with cutting-edge features that fascinate school management to implement it on the campus. 

  • Pre-registration process
  • Inquiry follow-up and bulk SMS/ emails sending capability
  • 24*7 availability of application forms
  • Online application form filling and submission

Working on Vidyalaya’s online admission management system

1. Registration phase

The online admission process starts with the registration process. Every school shares the registration link on social media or launches the registration page URL on its school website. Admission seekers should visit the link and read the guidelines related to the entire admission process. This link covers steps for the admission, documents to be uploaded, other details required during the admission process. Students should either download the application form and upload it after filling it appropriately or fill the application form online. 

Vidyalaya’s admission system offers a seamless experience in this process as students should not bear any hassle or complications at this step. 

2. Review Process

School administration panel members will review the registered details and will either allow or discard the student for the desired course. For the selected candidates, the further process of admission will get started. A final list of deserved candidates will be published and they will be notified through an effective communication medium such as email or SMS.

Benefits offered by Vidyalaya’s online admission management system

Till here, you have must understand what it means by an online admission system and how does it work, now understand the benefits offered by it to back up your decision of implementation of admission management software:

  • Apply from anywhere, anytime

As we are living in the era of globalization, everyone has the freedom to take desired education breaking the location barriers. You don’t have to be present for the completion of the application process physically if the educational institute you are applying for has the facility for online admissions. Students can enquire, apply by sitting at their comfort places and completing the application process. Candidates from different geographical regions can also apply using an online admission facility which is a little bit impossible in manual admissions. Also, institute management does not require special hiring or internal transfer of staff just for the admission period. The resource usage will be optimum so online admissions are beneficial for institutes also. 

  • The desire for accuracy and efficiency

If you want to stand out from your competitors, then offer quality to the end-users. Vidyalaya works on this without any compromise. The product offered is designed for delivering high accuracy and efficiency as admissions are one of the core activities of any educational institute. We all hear the news of chaos or flaws in admission procedures but with the online admission management system, you can only offer accuracy and reliability. As there is minimum human intervention, fewer chances of human errors in the system, which yields maximum accuracy.

Your office will be free from files, documents, and folders and yet you can get all the detailed information about all the applicants that is stored digitally. Ditch the jargon of papers and just go for online admissions.

  • Single platform for all

If you have ever gone through a manual admission system, you must have seen different counters for different sub-tasks like getting application forms, submitting filled applications, paying fees, receiving receipts, checking final lists. But Vidyalaya shrinks all these counters and offers a single platform through online admission software where the institute can offer the entire procedure with students’ login. A lot of resources are saved and higher-level efficiency is offered.

Key features of Vidyalaya’s online admission system

Have a glance at the top features of Vidyalaya’s renowned online admission system software:

  • Student inquiry management with an online inquiry form
  • Inquiry follow-up and bulk SMS and mailing
  • Online application form filling and submission
  • Shortlisting of deserved candidates based on merits
  • Registration and record management of applicant’s details
  • Eco-friendly option

Students are the core entity of any educational institute. All activities happen around them so they should be carried out with more accuracy and efficiency. Every academic year starts with new or re-admissions, and the institute staff gets busy finishing the mission admission. When actual sessions start, the staff gets somewhat breezy air. If you also want to give some relaxing experience to your staff during the peak admission period that too without compromising on quality and standards, then Vidyalaya’s online admission management system is the best solution for you! Let the pioneer system satisfy both students and institute staff requirements and help you to set a modern example of impeccable educational management. 

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