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A FoolProof Guide to Online Admission Management System

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What is an admission management system?

The student registration procedure is easily managed by educational institutions thanks to the Online Admission Management System, which is a computerized tool. It enables admission personnel to record student inquiries, evaluate applicants’ eligibility, follow up, gather supporting documentation, and finish the application process online or in software. Students can submit their documents, pay fees, and monitor the status of their applications all thanks to the admission management Software.

Consider your admissions process as a toll booth and your student inquiries as cars. It is manageable as long as there aren’t many vehicles. The next thing you notice is a traffic gridlock after the cars begin to arrive from different directions. Before you realize it, congestion causes a delay in the flow of traffic. Although it might not have as much of an effect on the toll booth as it would on your educational enterprise. Why?

In India, there are thousands of private colleges, independent institutes, and research facilities. Additionally, in order to insure their education, students apply to a number of universities. Institutions must therefore use appropriate software to attract the best talent for their programs. A student inquiry process is streamlined by Online Admission software,

Why do You Need an Admission Management Software?

You should consider admission management software if you face the following challenges such as: 

  • Less inquiry to admission ratio
  •  Inefficient real-time management, 
  • tracking, and collection of student inquiries, 
  • There is no system in place to record student retention rates.
  • These are the crucial areas that need improvement to increase your admission rates, even if you think they are unrelated.

The following are the Advantages of admission management Software.

  • Paperless Admission process
  • Minimal Manual Intervention
  • Selection of eligible students is done automatically
  • Better student experience
  • Real-time reports of the whole admission process

What benefits can an Online admission management system provide

  1. Gather questions from various sources about students.

The days of solely getting inquiries via recommendations and conventional advertising are long gone. Social media, websites, physical advertisements, c, and a few more ways there are just a few of the channels where leads may now be found. Missed queries happen due to a lack of an effective mechanism. However, an admission mechanism would allow you to capture all leads with fewer inquiries being missed.

  1. Track the live status of the application

An admission form typically has many parts and subsections, making it challenging to complete all at once. Students frequently go away from the website before finishing the application. Therefore, make sure the online application process is easy to make it easier for them.

Online application, fee payment, and status checking should all be available to applicants. On the fly, they must to have the ability to scan and upload papers. If for any reason they decide to stop, they are free to pick up where they left off. This is where 

A mechanism for student admission raises the resolution rate. As a result, candidates can track the progress of their applications in real time.

Admission management Software comes into the picture.

  1. Track student journey

The Applicant student’s journey begins once they enroll in your institution is a frequent one. However, this journey starts when a student applies for admission. Admission management System is a very useful tool to have to track the student’s journey from the point of admission

An integrated view of the applicant’s history going back to their initial interaction is provided by a student with online admission software. Management can also view the status of applications, drop-offs, activities of students on the website, emails opened, links clicked, tickets raised, unanswered questions, answered questions, etc. School management will then be able to interact personally with candidates and understand the whole context of the student’s actions.

  1. Student counselor’s Portal.

The same is true for admissions counselors who can automate notification of admission. They can gather all of their upcoming and unfinished chores in one location at Admission management software. In other words, they would be fully aware of the entire application process and be able to interact with applicants as needed. Counselors can create alerts and send reminders to them when applications aren’t incomplete. As a result, they shorten 

response times, which is the main factor behind the lower inquiry-to-admission ratio. Additionally, they have internet access to documents, which reduces paperwork and saves numerous hours.

  1. Automate the selection process

An online admission management system enables you to link all teams and processes. With the appropriate department, you may create an admission workflow and map various student paths, such as inquiries, applications, counseling, enrolment, etc. The online admission management system instantly assigns student inquiries to counselors as soon as the student completes an important step. You may, for instance, assign questions to counselors depending on location if you have various campuses.

  1. Set Priority to respond

Who do you contact first when you receive a lot of student inquiries? The applicants are given scores by a dynamic online admission management system depending on their actions, such as email opens, link clicks, and website activity. Additionally, consider eligibility. Consider giving communication with students who received more than the desired % of the possible points in their class a priority. Your counselors can then prioritize the important questions by using the score as a guide.

  1. Advanced reports & Analytics

Understanding your admissions team’s KPIs is the only way to increase admission rates. You may monitor the effectiveness of the marketing team as well as sources, campaigns, and admissions teams (both online and offline teams).

You can re-evaluate your admission process & refine the plans and increase your investment in profitable sources by using trustworthy analytics & reports generated by admission management software. Consider investing X dollars on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn 

social media marketing. You notice that Facebook generates the majority of quality leads. You discover that Instagram and LinkedIn are not providing you with enough student leads. Therefore, you can increase your investment in Facebook, which is giving you the best application conversion rates, rather than relying solely on these two sources.

In small words, an online admission management system may assist you in producing reports on payment milestones, phone call metrics, student admission stage transition analyses, and comprehensive reporting for all of your processes, teams, and courses. Additionally, you can create plans to increase acceptance rates based on performance data from various schools.

The KPIs and metrics that an admission management system provides are as follows:

  • Your Counselors make daily calls
  • Percentage of students who successfully convert, by region, for each admissions counselor, program associate, and or consultant.
  • the ratio of calls to conversions.
  • Entrances per employee
  • monthly, weekly, and hourly performance evaluations
  • qualified lead sources (Social Media, online, offline, telephonic, etc.) 
  • performance of marketing efforts, teams, admission counselors, and lead-generation sources
  • Productivity and performance of the team
  • Return on Investment and many more…

There are millions of students in India who attend school, and millions of them graduate each year. Its higher education industry is the third largest in the world. As a result, there is no shortage of applicants for academic institutions. However, the volume of student inquiries is putting a great strain on the admissions departments of 

schools and universities. Therefore, the necessity for a digital approach to have an online admission management system has been strengthened. As irregular follow-ups and inquiries that are not answered or give appropriate outcomes. Online admission software, in other words, aids in automation and streamlining the entire admissions process. giving both the administration and the students maximum openness as a result.

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