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Know how to Set up Online Admission System in a Quick way

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Know how to Set up Online Admission System in a Quick way

Online Admission System

If you want to match the steps with the new-gen era, then it is imperative to adopt the new era technology also. As every sector is going under revolution with the help of new technological inventions, the education industry is also rehearsing new terminologies like online admission system, virtual classes, school management software. These new conventions are really soothing the sector with their advanced features and giving new dimensions.

But, many of us still hesitate to adopt the technologies as they think that we are not that much proficient in deploying and handling the software. To get rid of this fear, education software service providers are focusing on software those are easy to set up and deploy.

The flow of online admission

The aim of online admission software is to automate the manual admission procedure, the related processes, and overcome the problems of manual processes. With the help of an online admission system, educational institutes are able to provide a transparent, rapid way of doing admission of any course. The advanced way of maintaining the records and use them for further reference enables the institutes to work better.

Here is the flow of the online admission process:

• Schools can make their own customized online inquiry and admission form by putting the fields which are to be filled by the students who want admission in the school.

• Students can inquire online by filling online inquiry form provided by the school on their website or any social media page.

• If the school have multiple campuses, they can set in the form for which school they are inquiring.

• They can fill in the details which are required in the inquiry form customised by the school.

• After filing all the details in the form, students can click on the submit button provided at the end of the form.

• After page submission, authoritative personnel will typically access the application form and will make an entry of the student in the students’ list.

• School administrators can keep a tab on the entire admission process by generating real-time reports using the online admission software like student application status, applied student list, course-wise application.

• Even school administrators can check the lists of applicants applied, waitlisted, denied, confirmed. This data is helpful for improving the educational institute’s marketing ROI.

So, the process requires fewer resources so productivity and efficiency see the improvement and will result in a better reputation of your educational brand. Educational institutes are favouring the online admission system by understanding the plus points of it. The ERP and LMS integration feature of the system boosts the implementation decision. Service providers come with easy deployment procedures so that educational institutes need not wait for a hands-on amazing experience.

Here are some of the highlighting benefits of the online admission system:

• Efficient use of all resources
• No more stranded queues
• Entire data digitalization
• Cashless fee collection
• Instant follow-ups
• Real-time tracking
• No geographical boundaries
• Multiple registrations at a time

Best practices for implementing the online admission software at your campus

If you have decided to go for the best alternative to the manual admission system then online admission software is the sole option for you. Before you go for it, here are some of the best practices:

• School administration panel can zero down the best online admission software that fits the requirements in terms of budget, business goals, vision. So be clear with the requirements.

• Once you confirm the provider, you can ask for the demo so that you can ensure that your business requirements are going to be fulfilled by the system. The demo of the software can give answers to all your questions.

• You can also ask for the configuration and device requirements. Advanced facilities like a cloud server, integration with other software like biometric, VTS requires additional setup.

• The deployment activity is initiated in presence of day-to-day users so that if they have any difficulty, they can get a clear view about that. The online admission system fosters new-age practices so the users must be aware of all aspects of the system.

• Define the different courses, admission forms, form fees clearly so that there are no clashes about them. Almost all online admission software’ are easily integrated with ERP, account software so ensures a seamless experience while communicating between this software.

• Make sure the payment gateways embedded are perfectly working with different modes of payment and cash transactions are double-checked.

• Ensure that the data collection and storage methods are as per pre-determined terms.

• The reporting facility is satisfying your data collection and analysis needs perfectly with standard and customized reports.

• The deployment and maintenance processes are ensured by capable professionals so that there are no handling issues.

During this pandemics, online admission software has enabled the school management to be ready with a well-defined strategy to combat it. As there is rat-racing competition in this field, it is necessary to stand out from the competitors. If you are hesitating to adopt the online admission system in your campus just because you fear the deployment complexity, then throw away the fear as service providers are embedding easy to deploy procedures while crafting the software. Setting up online admission software is a cakewalk nowadays. Just a few clicks and you are ready to begin the new way of handling school management.

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