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Key Features of Asset Management System for School

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Educational systems are evolving day by day, new equipment is being introduced. When there is awareness about the digitalization of education, the school management is allocating an enriched budget for procuring new assets. These assets need to be managed professionally as a pretty cost is incurred. There are lots of asset management systems are available in the market but the educational industry yields special needs. Therefore, the generalized systems are not much efficient for the educational sector. Vidyalaya identifies these mismatches and satisfies the requirements of the educational sector with tailor-made school asset management software.

What is a school asset management system?

There are two types of assets:

Hard assets:
Any physical objects that are possessed or maintained by the educational institute. For example books, school buses, laptop or desktop computers, projectors, etc.

Soft assets:
Assets that are in the form of documents are soft assets. These assets include various documents like financial documents, inspection documents.

Educational organizations pay more attention to the maintenance and management of hard assets than soft ones. But both are equally important. Manually maintaining both types of assets is a time-consuming task and also prone to the risk of human intervention errors. Vidyalaya’s team of experts make this tedious work a piece of cake by introducing a school asset management software.

A school management software allows you to streamline and monitor the asset handling process so that timely updates or replacements can be done. The smart software sends notifications for the items which are due for updates.

Benefits of dedicated Asset management software:

  • Improved accuracy in asset management
  • Reduced wastage on duplicate assets
  • Less risk of asset theft or stolen assets
  • Efficient management of all involved resources

Essential features of a leading School Asset Management System

A good asset management system must be enriched with the following essential features. These features increase awareness and make it easy to use for the users.

Centralized storage:

One of the most annoying drawbacks of the manual handling of the assets is the scrambled storage. As there are many numbers of assets, making in or out entries for each asset is really a time-consuming task. Also, this manual entry lacks efficient tracking of each asset. The assets are recorded in the asset registers or in the excel forms. But, Vidyalaya designs a special form for asset registration where each minute detail of assets is recorded.

The school asset management system of Vidyalaya stores all data in a central place even at cloud storage so that there is no need for manual asset registers.

The asset registration allows you to keep a record of details like:

  • The current condition of the asset
  • The teacher/classroom for whom the asset is assigned to
  • Asset previous and current location
  • If a repair needs to be done, the intermediate period till the next availability
  • Assets consumed or used by each staff member

Also, mobile-based access enables the users of the system to access the system from anywhere, anytime. This will be added advantage as users need to be physically present to perform various tasks like applying for the asset, checking the current location of an asset.

Efficient tracking of faculty-wise budget against the DFE Budget

Every school management designs a strict budget for every department. Each faculty uses different assets based on the subjects they taught. Vidyalaya helps the school management to track the faculty-wise usage of each asset against the department for education budget with the help of school management software. This will allow the management to understand how the budget is utilized and whether there any improvements can be done.

This can be achieved by implementing a dedicated asset management system in the following way:

  • Record procuring and current cost of each asset and better to compare the assets that can have better sustain value.
  • Re-allocate the assets that are rarely used to other departments so that new procurements can be saved.

School management can access this data and get instant insights into the school budget’s entire spending.

Efficiently book your desired asset

There is a common scenario that shared assets are pre-booked and chances of conflicts may happen. To solve these conflicting situations, Vidyalaya releases a school management system so that desired assets can be pre-booked and get them when needed without wasting time in filling up the application forms, taking permission from the store manager, and other child procedures.

With this system, relative teachers will be able to do tasks like:

  • Check the schedule for asset check-in/out to know the availability of the desired asset.
  • Check the shared calendar for the shared assets to avoid conflicts.
  • Eliminate the risk of denying asset requests on the 11th hour by knowing the updated status of asset.
  • Remove the delays in the underlying procedures.

Also, school amenities assets are made available to generate extra funds. School management can keep track of their bookings with the help of Vidyalaya’s school management system to avoid conflicts.

IoT is the new future

Today’s era is of a smart generation. IoT-based devices smartly carry out the tasks without human intervention that were performed manually. Asset management includes various procedures like asset counting, tracking that can consume lots of time for multiple assets. These IoT-based devices can accomplish the tasks within less time and that too without any error.

Here are some examples where IoT-based devices integrated with Vidyalaya’s school inventory management software can improve the school inventory management:

  • GPS-based trackers for school bus tracking.
  • Barcode or RFID tag-based inventory tracking in the library, classrooms.
  • Save the resources by scheduling a pre-planned servicing schedule.
  • Track the life cycle of each asset.

Like every other organization, educational institutes also possess assets. Not just in terms of stocks and shares, but in terms of laptops, books, hundreds of physical and virtual assets. The educational institute works with a great set of assets that are used daily, weekly, or when there is a need basis. Diverse assets with diverse usage values enforce the educational sector to look for a dedicated school asset management system. By providing the key features of the asset management system, Vidyalaya is truly a gem asset for the educational institute.

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