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Important Features of The Student Fee Management System in School ERP

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Important Features of The Student Fee Management System in School ERP

important features of the student fee management system in school erp

“Fees” is that part of the school which fulfills all the needs of the school as well as the people working in the school. Managing a school fee is a very hectic part of any organization. The school fee management system helps the organization to manage the fee in a very simple manner.

According to the school board and their fee structure, various types of fees are taken in the school. To manage all those various fees systematically the school should use a school fee management system.

Below are some of the most important features helpful for the school to manage its School fee with the help of the School management system.

Fee payment at anytime from anywhere :

The most important feature for “Fee” is taking the fee from the parents. Accept the fee of students from anywhere anytime. Along with the digitization of the school, let the parents also become digital.

The parents can pay the fees online from any location of the globe, all they need is just good internet, bank account, and a card for the payment. The parents don’t have to travel to the school and stand in a long queue for the fee payment.

Student fee structure according to the fee category wise and class wise :

Looking towards the Covid-19 Situation, the fee structure of the school may change in the future, so it will be a difficult task for the school to manage the fee of each and every student. The school can define the fee in the school fee management system according to the fee category wise such as RTE student, Staff Student, and also according to the class-wise, as every class fee is not the same.

Particular student fee data management :

The school can easily search for the fee data of any student with the help of a student fee management system. The paid and pending status of the fee can be known for each student. Apart from this, detail’s such as Fee receipt given to the student, Additional amount taken from the student, Exemption given in any fee by the school, etc.

Quick Fee Receipt Generation :

The school can effectively generate the fee receipt of the students. Vidyalaya provides various parameters to search the student in the fee management software such as student ID number, Name, Class, Division, etc, With all these parameters the school can search the student within no time and can generate the fee receipt for the student.

Exemption in student fee :

Moreover, many of the organizations give exemption to the students in the fee for some of the other reasons.

With the help of the school fee management system, the exemption can be given to the students depending on the student cast category in any of the particular fees. It is most helpful for each and every organization.

Tally Integration with ERP :

A unique feature provided by Vidyalaya for fee management in Tally. This feature will help the school to save resources and time. The school does not have to appoint a staff especially for the entry in the tally

Tally is fully integrated with Vidyalaya ERP. The major part of the “Fee” that is Student Fee can be posted to Tally directly. The fee can be posted in two ways, Student wise and Fee Head wise.

Partial Payment for Fee Payment :

For the parents who cannot pay the fee fully at one time and the school which takes the partial payment form the parents. For that Partial payment option is available. The software automatically adjusts the amount and generate the receipt according to the partial amount.

Instant Updates of the Fees to parents :

School can send the SMS, E-mail, and notification in the mobile application related to the fee such as Fee payment, Fee Due, Reminder of the fee payment prior to the payment date.

This helps the parents to check the status of the fee whether it is paid and the transaction was successful. Parents don’t need to contact the school or visit the school for the same.

Various Modes for Online payment via mobile app :

Fee payment for the parents become easy via online. Vidyalaya provides various modes for online fee payment. The parents can pay the fee via a mobile application that is fully integrated with the ERP.

Accept the payments from parents through multiple modes like Credit cards, Debit cards, Netbanking, Pay U money, Paytm, etc.

Conclusion :

Fee management software will help the school in various ways as mentioned above. Every organization should at least implement the ERP for their most important work that is “FEE”

Vidyalaya provides the world’s best school Fee management system with updated features and functionalities.

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