School Inventory Management System

Top Reasons of using School Inventory Management Software

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Top Reasons of using School Inventory Management Software

School Inventory Management Software

The inventory management system streamlines and manages the inventory management processes. Educational institutes possess assets like lab equipment, computers, laptops, projectors, library assets. These assets are different from industrial assets. Also, the handling of assets is different. These assets are valuable and need to be properly managed. Normally, the manual method of handling assets has several flaws. So, there is a need for a dedicated school inventory management system that will take care of the special needs of an educational institute. Vidyalaya fills up this space and comes with a dedicated system that is intended for educational institutes only.

What is school inventory management?

The school inventory management is responsible for taking care of resources to the fullest. Utilizing the resources to their efficient use is possible only because of the inventory management system. For unfunded or underfunded educational institutes, it is important to utilize the available resources without wasting them. A thoughtfully and coherent strategy that will make a plan for efficient use of funds will ensure that resources are used to their maximum and maintaining their longevity also.

Vidyalaya understands this principle and designs suitable software for any type of educational institute that will prove the inventory management software will give the greatest returns spend on infrastructure, tools, resources, assets, and others.

How can school management software contribute to inventory management?

School management software is a complete package that will streamline the school operations with its features. Inventory management will form its wheelhouse as it is a process-driven feature. Vidyalaya understands the integration and releases a united software for both school management and inventory management as its one of the core modules.

Striking benefits of school inventory management modules

The features of Vidyalaya as a school inventory management software are inviting. One can definitely see the impact before and after Vidyalaya’s implementation on the campus. Let’s have a glance at other features so that your decision of implementing a dedicated inventory management system can be supported:

Better organization of school resources

The instantly noticeable change before and after implementation is the organization of resources. Inventory staff will have excellent control over all the assets of the educational institute. Vidyalaya achieves this by registering all assets and resources within the inventory management software. This can give the updated information about an asset’s whereabouts. The detailed report of the asset’s location will help to determine how many assets are moved from the location or shared among the departments.

Excellent tracking of assets

Many of the school assets are shared among the departments. It becomes a tedious task to track these shareable assets. Vidyalaya identifies the complexity and strengthens its system with an asset tracking feature. This will eliminate the scenarios of one-time borrowing, an informal exchange that is prone to loss of assets. Also, the school inventory management software bounds the user to have authorized access to use the assets as the system is operated only with authorized permissions.

No boundaries of location and time

Imagine the scenario of stock personnel is waiting for a long time to take the approval from the stock manager to procure new items or to sanction permission of access for some highly-rated assets. If the stock manager is absent, the process will get delayed up to the manager’s returning back to work. The annoying situation can be converted to pleasant by installing Vidyalaya’s inventory management system. With this installation, you can operate the system from any location, any time. Even if the stock manager is on leave, he/she can sanction or deny the procure request without going to the school at present. Stakeholders can access the system by sitting in their comfort zone or on a prior basis, provided that they are authorized to do so. This can eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.

Improved process flow

The manual process flow of inventory management is, students or teachers need to fill a request form which needs to submit to the relevant personnel. When the approval is received, the teacher/student needs to make an entry in the register for login and asset possession timing. When an inventory management system is installed, the workflow is streamlined and staff can also experience reduced workload. No physical presence is required to submit the form, taking approvals. Also, the human intervention errors can be removed from the process making the process more reliable and efficient.

Improved security to data and application

We hear many cases of fire or theft in educational institutes that may cause loss of data. Also, human errors can make alterations to the data when it is stored in manual form in the registers without requiring authorized access. But, Vidyalaya will eliminate this possibility as the entire school management system along with the school inventory management module stores data on the cloud and is retrieved only if the user has authorized access. The users are provided role-based access to maintain higher security. The cloud-based system will give you advanced security features along with data disaster management and recovery options.

Improve your funding compliance

Many under-aided or no-aided schools run their expenses by gathering funds from the outside for many assets procurement. But this procedure requires proper record-keeping of documents to continue the funding. Vidyalaya can help you out in keeping the transparent record-keeping for all assets with its inventory management software. Also, records of any particular asset are required that will show its performance, it is possible to accomplish with this software. This will help the auditor to follow the routine with ease.

If you are looking for a tailor-made school inventory management system, then Vidyalaya is the right choice for you. The feature-filled system will fulfill your requirements about inventory management and will bring efficiency to the process of stock handling. Forget the delays or long-stranded queues for a stock manager with three-fold forms for getting the access permissions. With Vidyalaya, it’s a task of few clicks. And all this by sitting in the comfort zone. So, with Vidyalaya’s school inventory management software, the school inventory will serve the purpose of helping the school stakeholders.

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