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Best School of Surat and Their Preferred Choice of School Management Software

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Best School of Surat and Their Preferred Choice of School Management Software

Best School of Surat and Their Preferred Choice of School Management Software

Surat is a well-known city, known by multiple names such as textile or a silk city, city of Diamond, City of Sun, and The Green city. The city is famous for the many other various things.

Talking about education in Surat, the city has the most reputed institutes for education. Students from overall the globe stay in surat for their bright and beautiful future, to mold their career in the right direction by getting wonderful education from those reputed institutes.

The most reputed educational institutes in Surat are SVNIT, Delhi Public School, Atmiya Vidya Mandir, J.H Ambani Saraswati Vidya Mandir, P.P Savani University, Auro University, IIIT, and many more educational institutes are available in  to help educate the students with all the courses and great facilities in the institute for students.

Connecting Educational institutes with the thought process of a new generation of making the world digitize, Here we are to help the Educational Institutes digitize their campus, to ease their work, and to help the campus keep updated with the new technologies with Vidyalaya Campus Management Software.

Vidyalaya Campus Management ERP consists of all the features and functionalities that are important and necessary for any organization to manage all the administrative and academic work. Vidyalaya provides 8+ various plugins along with 35 + modules in the ERP to manage all the work.

The organization can always start with the basic modules of ERP and can upgrade later with other modules and plugins. The institute can manage the data such as Student GR, Attendance, Certificate, Fee, Exam Result, Employee, Payroll, and much more.

Vidyalaya cares about their client and makes sure that the implementation of the product is done in the organization very smoothly. Vidyalaya School ERP is been implemented in multiple institutes of Surat, with 99.9% Client retention and satisfaction.

The most precious clients of Surat implemented Vidyalaya in the organization are mentioned below:

  • L.P Savani Group of Education
  • Shri P.P Savani Vidhyabhavan
  • Vanita Vishram
  • Swaminarayan Gurukul, Ved Road
  • Deep Darshan Vidya Sankul
  • Sanskartirth Gyanpith
  • The Radiant International School

After the growth of the organization and feel the need for School Management ERP L.P Savani Group of Education trusted and started using Vidyalaya School Management Software in the organization. School ERP helped the organization situated at various locations to manage the data in a centralized way and to get summarized data of all the organization.

Talking about our prominent client Swaminarayan Gurukul, the school started Vidyalaya School ERP long ago and is so satisfied with the service support provided by the Support team. Swaminarayan keeps the parents updated with all the information of a student with the help of the Vidyalaya Mobile Application. Mobile app helps the school in one-to-one communication with the parents.

Vidyalaya provides the one-stop solution School Management ERP to the institutes for managing their work in a very effective and simple manner. Explore more about Vidyalaya School ERP by visiting the Website and contact us to get the ERP implementation in your organization.

Vidyalaya School Management Software has marked its presence in over 12 different states and 7 different countries and exploring more for other states and countries to help the Educational Institutes manage all their administrative and academics activities smoothly. We assure of the quality of the product and the service support provided.

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