Finance Management

Need Accuracy? Try Vidyalaya Finance Management as your best choice

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Need Accuracy? Try Vidyalaya Finance Management as your best choice

Finance Management

Finance is very sensitive matter, and this is fact for both any single person or for any firm, organization or institute, educational institutes are run by the funds and specifically the fees received by the students and other stakeholders, so let’s take a look at how finance management is one the integral part of School Management Software.

The Education providers and many propagandist functions with the controlling of the economics on and on where in utmost cases the division of economics and accounts operators by oneself. This is a great benchmark to the thought of independence and in the person upstairs aspect we shall examine up how to propagandize would function adequately and comfortably.

At the origin, let us Review over the perfect conclusion with the interest to furnish the need of such essential financial affairs. It is skillful for the board to go through the day to day developments of funds arrival/emergency. Brief to classify the various outlay and the entity with their link with the institution. Quite suitable for the directors to go along with and agree over the commercial incident.

Like alternative studies the clear and smooth to grasp investment allow to the generosity of the Representative. Furthermore, the displayed form is the Adjust over the gross, reimbursement, group and sub-divisions.

The Transparent and convenient formation to hold the economic modernize, as the cashier obtain preferred against the academy info and a sudden slip or deposit can be built, throughout the counterbalance can also be chased. Here is one more extra advantage which grants you to access the entire amount and then Division them as needed to the particular account Pioneer or the other end users.

Would it not be the perfect procedure to satisfy the work? Dismiss the clustering with the fair information and important fatigued and connection structure. As you grip over the agreement which gets protected from publishing. There are further surveillance improvement and rollovers whichever would be complicated on the fulfillment. A luminous investigate scheme can be trained where the routine survey can be determined by the director. You are free to deliberate over these by relating us to your advantageous era.

Here are some features of Finance Management which can easily help you out:

  • Vouchers
  • Easy access
  • Credit & debit cards acceptance
  • No Manual calculations
  • Unique reporting
  • Records

Vidyalaya Provides descriptive vouchers of four different types :

1. Payment Vouchers – These are the type of vouchers where each of the payment given is being mentioned. It’s easy to record with Vidyalaya vouchers.

2. Contra vouchers – bank to bank transactions, bank to bank transfer are being recorded in this kind of vouchers which are nowadays very applicable in each of the schools.

3. Receipts vouchers – In Vidyalaya receipt vouchers the fees being collected by the school are being recorded and this is the best way to handle it online with Vidyalaya. Many of the schools just provide it manually but with Vidyalaya finance management it’s being easily done.

4. General vouchers – These vouchers are the third party vouchers where each of the entries are being done when a third party payment is to be taken.

Easy access
It’s being easy when you have all of your details within an integrated system where each of the payments records are being recorded in a satisfying organized way. Finance management system gives a facility for easy access anytime anywhere.

Debit & Credit Cards acceptance
Vidyalaya Finance Management accepts all kind of debits & credit Cards payments so each individual can do it as per its convenience. Nowadays no individual is doing their important transactions using hard cash the era is now becoming digitalized through this system.

No manual calculations
There are no manual calculations being done when there is financial management system. Calculations are the most hectic part of the financial records. With Vidyalaya it’s easy to calculate you’re many of the transactions without remembering it.

Unique Reporting
Vidyalaya provides many unique reportings like paybook, ledger book, cash & Bank book, Trial balance, Profit & loss account, and balance sheet, almost each of the cycle of finance is being recorded and reporting are being produced by the Vidyalaya finance management system.

Vidyalaya School Management software is one of the most influential financial management ERP providers, with their tally integration which helps schools and colleges to maintain the records of the finance part and track down each and every money flow in the process. The records can be easily generated and can be referred as an when the final financial statements are to be produced every year and also gives the best ROI.

With Internet Payments rising as one of the most user-friendly payment options in the recent times it is in high demand for the parent also to make payment online for their ward’s school fee with different reporting and vouchers which our financial management provides. Also, Vidyalaya giving more efforts to the unique features in its integration. Stay updated with Vidyalaya’s new blogs…!

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