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Why Virtual Classroom is the Ultimate Learning Solution During the Time of COVID-19?

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Why Virtual Classroom is the Ultimate Learning Solution During the Time of COVID-19?

The year 2020 has been unprecedented for this world. It has changed everything. The world has seen so many sectors affected by this pandemic. Offices Were closed. Work from home is a new reality for the future world. In many sectors, one of the most sector that has been affected a lot is the Education Sector. Where many schools, colleges, and tuition had face so many problems and being closed on short notice. Schools were not ready for this sudden change. Schools and colleges shut their physical classes and students are not allowed to come to school.

The overnight change in school working makes students’ futures at risk. This closure of school had psychological issues for students and family also concern regarding their future. How to provide quality study in a lockdown situation.

After understanding, these problems the Vidyalaya team worked on an online learning platform and provided the best solution for their clients within 15 days of lockdown. Because school needs to follow government guidelines and must ensure the safety of the students.

As per the Education Ministry data, more than 65% of schools are using online classes for their students.

There have many advantages to Online learning!!!


In Online Learning students have more flexibility related to attain the class. Because students aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule like before. Uniforms are not mandatory like before. Before this, the students meeting, times are set and students need to follow this schedule as per instruction. In online learning, students can spend their time as per their flexibility and provide their time to other projects as per priority.

Access through Devices

Vidyalaya online learning can easily access through any smart mobile or computer. In that case, a student just required an internet connection on their devices. Better than to attain the classes physically, students can join a class from anywhere around the World. There is no such wasting of time in traveling for the students.

Knowledge about New Software

Before online learning, students only studying in physical classes. Even they do not have knowledge about other learning platforms, where students can attain the class. Platforms are google meet, Zoom, etc. Before students create the assignment in the notebooks. Because of this, students do not aware of new technologies regarding PPT making and research on the new topics on google. Students only gone through the books, but now students know how to utilize these platforms.

Improved attendance

In Online learning students get the flexibility to attain the classes and students do not need to travel to the school. These two things help students in the improvement of their attendance. Also, the students are more interactive in the online class rather than in a physical Classroom. Because many introvert students are not expressing their views in the classroom but feel comfortable in online classes.

Trackable Learning

In Vidyalaya online learning is easy tracks attendance, test scores, Their project scores, exam scores all these things are now stored online. Now schools can access easily this score and provide proper feedback to their family about their studies and behavior in the class. From this teachers can provide more focus on that particular area where students are lacking and provide quality education.

Convenient time and place

Vidyalaya online learning provides flexibility to attain the class from anywhere. All PDFs are stored in the cloud and students can access the PDF from anywhere in the world via the virtual classroom app.

Available 24 *7

Vidyalaya Virtual classroom Management system provides the platform for students and teachers to interact with each other without any limitation. Even students can interact with a teacher and solve their queries. Teachers can also contact the students for providing study materials, test papers, and homework. This kind of interaction help students and teachers to create good relationships.

More individual attention

Through virtual classroom software teachers can easily interact with students because Vidyalaya online learning app provides more options for the teachers to connect with the students individually.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is the main purpose government has behind imposing lockdowns. Amid the government regulation regarding social distancing, if students are allowed to attain the physically may be students not able to maintain safety protection effectively.


A long time ago, teachers never imagined this online learning. But now this world is digitalized day by day. Peoples are more focused on technology. Right now, Schools are keen to find different ways of learning opportunities for the students and provide them with learning without any disruption. Schools can provide 24 * 7 learning to the students through Vidyalaya virtual class management software.

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