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10 Benefits of Online Examination System for Your School

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This pandemic has affected the education system in more ways than anyone could have thought. However, fortunately, we have that much-advanced technology that schools could actually take classes online for the time being, so that studies of students would not suffer at least. But who knew the situation would be stretched this much longer. Classes can be conducted online, but what about the exams? Examinations are necessary because that is how a student’s caliber is calculated. Also, if exams are not taken, on what basis would the school promote students for their next academic term.

Luckily, just like online learning platforms, there is multiple online examination software available for schools as well. Now, you can take examinations from students online by sitting at home. There are so many reasons why the online examination system is better than the traditional method of conducting exams. More or less it seems like a better option than the traditional written examinations. Wonder how?

Below mentioned are some points that make online examinations better than traditional examinations.

  1. Saves Paper: Taking exams online also helps you save the environment. There will be no use of paper or ink. No need to print questions and give students handouts, or the answer sheet. Directly take exams online through mobile phones or laptops.
  2. No Exam Centres required: Setting of exam centers for students is a big headache, isn’t it? Need to search the schools with class capacity, arrangements to be done, and whatnot. Get rid of this tiresome process and go with online examinations.
  3. Easy Scheduling: With an Online examination management system, scheduling of exams is made a walk in the park. Even the person who is not familiar with this can schedule exams so easily.
  4. Quick Result Processing: While scheduling for online examination, answers are marked while entering the questions in the system. This makes the result processing so simple that as soon as the test is complete, students can see their result on the screen itself.
  5. Accuracy in Results: As all the answers are already marked in the software, so there is no need to mark them again manually. As the result is calculated automatically through the system only, the rate of accuracy increases.
  6. Easy Result Analysis: When the exams are done and the results are out, to find the maximum marks and to find each question wise correct or incorrect answers is a big and tiresome work. With an online examination system, you can find the analysis really easily. No extra work to do. Whether you want student wise analysis or question wise analysis, the system calculates it directly.
  7. Security of Exam Papers: Whenever exams are being conducted the traditional way, there is always at least one invigilator available to keep an eye on the students so that they do not look into each other’s papers and cheat in their exams. But with the online examination management system, you do not have that tension in mind as that is not possible. Students will look into their screens only.
  8. The flexibility of Exam Management: In an online examination ERP Software, there are multiple ways you can set the exam questions. You can set it class-wise, division-wise, batch-wise, or even student-wise. There is no limitation when you go online for examinations. But in the old traditional way, no one would like to take this much trouble. So, the exam papers are set in a way only for all students. Also, if you find any mistakes in online exam questions, you can edit that at the eleventh hour as well, but you cannot do that in the traditional method.
  9. Prepare students for competitive Exams: As we know, most of the competitive exams conducted after school finishes are being conducted online. Using an online examination system in the school would really help students get ready for competitive exams. As, for such exams, confidence plays an equal part as knowledge does. If students are already familiar with this system, they will be ready to take their tests as well.
  10. Reduced Examination Cost: Whenever exams are around the corner, there is always a task added in the process of scheduling them. Taking examination fees. That too is a lot of work, isn’t it? As some students would pay the fees, some will delay it. Collection of the fees will have to be done, generate receipts for that, send reminders to the late fee payers, and whatnot. Why not reduce all this fatigue and choose the smarter way to take the examination online?


The test is an inevitable part of today’s educational system. One needs to be compatible with the emerging technology and the demands of the globalized world in order to remain with the times. A rescue, something that automates, digitizes, and streamlines the review process to ensure program consistency and track institutional effectiveness, could only be an online examination system.

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