Why Online Examination and School Information Management System is Necessary?

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Why Online Examination and School Information Management System is Necessary?

Why Online Exam should be made necessary

Taking exams online can be very useful to management as well as teachers also. Online Exam Module nowadays is so user friendly that the students and the teachers can use it in a very effective way. Online examination helps students to gain more knowledge and their academic performance also can be evaluated.

As the Online Examination is fully digitize and automated, the students and teachers can access it from any corner of world. student can give the exam from anywhere and anytime and the teachers can even upload the question papers from anywhere and anytime.

The student will not have the dependency of infrastructure and using the pen and paper. Students can have the flexibility to give the exam from home and the teacher can check the student’s marks in the mobile app.

Vidyalaya School information management system provides you with an interactive Online Examination system with multiple features and functionalities that can be helpful to teachers and students. Below mentioned are some of the features explained in detail which will remove your doubt of implementation of Vidyalaya School ERP.

    • Conduct Multiple Exam:
      Online Exam can be taken for the better practise of students in the school, exams like JEE, NEET, GUJCAT Etc Objective types questions can be taken in online exam.

      • Paper Setting:
        Vidyalaya Software helps in generating the question paper automatically. Teachers can enter the set of questions and multiple answers for a question, they can also upload the questions in bulk. The question papers can be set according to class and subject wise.
      • Difficulty Level of question:
        With Vidyalaya the level of question can be set as Easy, Medium and Hard. According to the level of question the marks also can be set.
      • Auto marks and Grade calculation:
        The marks for every question can be set in the software. After taking the exam, the marks and the grades can be calculated automatically via online exam. The negative marks can also be calculated in the software.
      • Report and Result Generation:
        Vidyalaya provides you the facility to generate the result and report after conducting the Online Exam. Based on the questions attempted by the students and the number of correct answers the result of the student can be generated. The school can generate the report also.
      • Time saving:
        The valuable time of teachers and management can be saved by using online exam. The time taken for printing the question papers, checking the papers can be saved and redundancy of marks calculation can be reduced.
      • Waste of paper:
        With digitization of online exam, the organization can help to save the environment. In this era of saving papers, by using online examination, the hectic part that is to print the question papers can be solved and papers can be saved.

Vidyalaya School information management system provides with an interactive online exam portal along with mobile application too for a quick, easy & hassle free examination.

Traditional Education System

Smart Education System

Classes used to be under the tree or in poor infrastructure school

Smart classes in school means class providing education through digital methods like projectors, white boards, educating students through visual effects.

Manual school database management use to be time consuming as well as prone to human errors

Smart school management through software is easy to manage as well as an automated process to maintain school data

Earlier there was no mode of communication, only way to communicate was face to face interaction of teacher and parents

Technology has made communication easiest for people with multiple modes of messaging, calling. This helps in providing instant notification to parents about students work

Earlier times books were the only mode of learning for students, that too were shared between students

Today we have enormous ways to earn knowledge through books, internet, web material and many other medium

Ancient time exams used to be on practical methods of life and few years later it used to be written on paper

Trend is changing and all exams are now performed Online, their evaluation and report is also submitted online with the help of various school management software

With various education management systems available in the market, want to know how Vidyalaya will make your organization’s education smarter.

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