Online Examination System

Top 5 Must-have Features in Online Examination System

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Top 5 Must-have Features in Online Examination System

Online Examination System

The education sectors all over the world consider assessment as an important aspect to acquire in-depth knowledge of student knowledge and skills.Current unprecedented times have taken a toll on students’ education, but instead of just thinking about the cons, one should always move on with realizing the benefits of the new technologies and ideas, as far as students’ education and assessment are concerned.

The online examination tool is highly accessible, economical, convenient, and user-friendly software. The online examination is a tool through which educational institutes, coaching centers, and even government exams are conducted. Through online examination arrangements, one can set up the basic guidelines of the exam, configures the various type of questions, time management, automatic result evaluations, reports for analyzing, and many more features

The main purpose of using the online examination system for schools is to test the subject knowledge of the students. In the current pandemic state, the online examinations system has become paramount for all the educational institutes, as the students can appear in the tests from their home, teachers can assign tests and mark it from their home, Administrators can monitor the whole examination process in the online mode too.

Let’s see the five must-have features in Online Examination System:

1.Exam Scheduling and Planning:

The first thing when you conduct the online exams is easy scheduling and planning. The management team generally discusses and plans the timetable of the exams, which staff members tend to follow. All the scheduling stuff will be documented in the system. Moreover, in the online exam system, the teachers can plan, prepare and publish the exams in advance, hence on configured dates only tests will be enabled to the students.

2.Configuring different type of questions:

In the traditional exams, questions that are used are MCQ based questions and descriptive questions, so in the online examination is also quite essential to have both subjective and objective typed questions set up to make it user friendly, Another important characteristic is a different pattern of questions which can have mathematical expressions, images, formulas, etc, all those can be managed in an online examination software. The questions can also set up according to the difficultly well and concerning its difficulty level, the result of the students will be evaluated.

If the teacher wishes to conduct a test topic-wise of a particular subject then it can also be affected in the online examination software. Question Bank management can also be done in the online examination systems, with all the most important questions can be added and with good reports of software, schools can share the same in well in advance of the examination.

3.Instant Result Evaluation:

The results in the assessments are the most significant for students’ future and career. So in online exams also results in evaluation are done automatically, as soon as the tests are submitted by the students in the allotted time-frame the software automatically shows the results by calculating negative marks, showing a review of each question, also shows the correct answers and tips. With all these outstanding features the teacher’s workload reduces to a great extent and they can even check and evaluate the application itself. In subjective type questions, teachers can log in to the application and rate the marking level of the students. Hence all the basic needs for generating students’ report cards could be accomplished in the application.

4. Result Analysis and Dashboards:

Analyzing student’s progress and knowledge is important for schools to maintain their reputation. So once the exams are finished the complete inspections and analysis is done by the teachers as well as the administrators. In online examination software the reports with details like mark sheets, graphical representation, dashboards, detailed reports of bright and weak students, and other numerous types of reports. Even the management team can use their special access in the software with the assessment dashboards and can check the overall result summary of their organization.

5. Important alerts:

Getting the parents updated about their children’s academic progress is another crucial parameter for the educational institutes, hence the automated push notification, SMS, and email alerts are dropped using the online examination system. The schools can configure and send the alerts like timely reminders of the exam timetable, regular updates of results, exam report cards, mark sheets, regular assignments, question banks, and many more related to virtual assessment.


Online examination systems are used the most in current challenging times and will be used in the future too, as it provides improvements over the traditional examination as it is highly secured, no scope for cheating, customized reports, on-screen evaluation, multi-language support, easy management of question banks, remote supervision.

With all these mentioned features, without any hesitation, the school management should adopt the new inventions as they will only benefit from this foolproof online examination system.

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