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What is Virtual Classroom and Why does it Matter in Social Distancing?

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What is Virtual Classroom and Why does it Matter in Social Distancing?

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As we all know, the world has been on a constant rise when we talk about the technological aspect. Every sector in the world has been striving towards modern technology and as a result, experiencing constant upgradations. Everything was running perfectly but all of us have been aware of how things have taken a drastic turn since the arrival of Covid 19 Pandemic. The entire lives of people have changed and when we talk about the corporate world, there have been huge ups and downs. Some industries have also experienced a huge amount of loss whereas some have developed huge gains. Talking about technology and its impact in the Covid scenario, various sectors haven’t been able to develop much but some sectors have used these social distancing norms in just the perfect way.

When we try to focus on the educational sector, the entire teaching as well examination and assignment patterns have changed for schools and other educational institutions as well. The usage of online platforms for teaching has suddenly become a necessity. All the important work related to academics that include assignment submission, homework submission, taking classes and exams, everything has suddenly turned into a virtual mode. Thus, while we experience such an era, many schools have started tuning towards online classroom management systems for their better and uninterrupted functioning.

A virtual classroom software consists of many features that a school cannot find in public virtual classroom platforms. Focusing more on the virtual classroom, it provides the facility to interact amongst classes through online mode in real-time. Teachers have the same whiteboard to display but the students can access that through their mobile or computer screens. You can interact with anyone in the class by switching on your audio and talking from a lecture’s perspective, students, as well as teachers, can also keep their cameras in the ON mode just to have a real-time experience of a lecture. A smart virtual classroom also gives you the feasibility to present anything on the screen including surfing videos through browser. The importance of virtual classrooms, as well as virtual classroom software, has increased a lot after the pandemic wherein social distancing has become the most important norm.

While we focus more on virtual classrooms, let us try to find out some highly important advantages it possesses especially in this period:

Personal Coaching:

For all the teachers or professors who take personal coaching classes, this can be a perfect way to engage better with a particular student by switching ON the video mode on both sides. The student can focus better as well as the teacher can concentrate more on him/her.

Training of employees:

Many employees live in remote areas and it is very difficult to arrive to places that are far away. For such employees, it becomes very easy for a firm to process their training through the implementation of proper virtual classroom system.

Virtual meetings for Corporates:

During this pandemic situation and lockdown period, the corporate world has adapted to the concept of virtual meetings as they can easily connect multiple people and have important and urgent discussions as well without any compromise.

Live support facility:

Through Virtual classroom platforms, live technical support or service support can also be provided for various products across sectors.

When we talk about the importance of virtual classroom software in the educational sector, it is very important to focus from the teaching perspective as well. There occur many situations in virtual learning where teachers need to share recorded lectures as well and there comes the importance of a proper online learning management system. Let us focus on some of its advantages from a teacher’s perspective:

Scheduling lectures:

It becomes drastically easy for the teachers to schedule online lectures and plan the subjects accordingly.


Teachers can easily give assignments to multiple students and can also appoint a due date to check the regularity of those particular set of students.


Assigning classwork and homework is also a very easy task and the advantage is that the teacher can also keep a track of date-wise work given.


A smart virtual classroom software also provides the facility of automatic attendance and as a result, teachers do not need to work hard for taking attendance of the online lectures.

To avoid sacrifices in the field of education and to plan a proper and smooth functioning of schools even in these tough times, schools need to adapt to proper and advanced online school management systems. There are various software products that provide the concept of virtual classroom but in this industry, Virtual classroom app is the best of all.

Everything is integrated with the smart mobile application and students can easily access the online lectures through the mobile app itself whereas teachers can also create the lectures as well as assign classwork, homework, and assignments through the mobile application itself. Thus, Vidyalaya has brought an immense transition in an online learning management system.

Vidyalaya provides options for automatic attendance tracking as well as automatic assignment tracking. The family of more than 1300 globally satisfied clients and an experience of more than 20 years says it all. The specialty of the Vidyalaya online learning management system has always been the service and support facility. Talking about the virtual classroom app, Vidyalaya has a highly advanced app through which smooth online learning can be processed.

Thus, after focusing on all the above facts, we can note the importance of online learning management systems or virtual classrooms in the modern era, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Things have started to get normal across various parts of the world and schools have also started to reopen in many parts, but we cannot predict anything about the situation. Hence it is always highly advisable to have a proper online learning management system in your schools and other educational institutions as well.

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