Can Technology Replace Teachers?

Can Technology Replace Teachers?


Technology Vs Teachers: Can Technology Replace Teachers?

In today’s modern era technology plays a vital role in converting our hard work into a smart work. Many technologies have been introduced which has now become a part of the education sector like smart boards, mobile app, cloud-based solutions, school management software and many more. There was an era school management has to spent a lot of time in collecting and processing the data manually. However, with the help of technology, it’s just a matter of one click which converts the imagination to reality.

The pre-eminent one is School Management Software which has taken over multiple jobs of a school management like accounts, admin, student management etc. It helps school management to manage the work in a structured manner like taking students attendance, keep an academic record of students, fees notification, and interaction with parents. In short school management, software /technology can reduce the manual work of teachers. However, technology cannot replace teachers, because teachers play a very important role in a student’s life.

What Technology can do for teachers?

Technology can reduce the workload of teachers like online report generation, prepare timetable, generate report cards, store academic data, attendance management, smart board facility etc. and with the help of these teachers can give their more time and attention to educate their students. Moreover, technology helping students to educate themselves with the available information over the internet but just getting the information is not enough for them, students also require guideline from the teachers to use that information in a proper direction.

Technology empowers teachers to provide more focused and personalized teaching. Technology provides space to teachers for giving a social and emotional learning to their students rather than spending more time in collecting teaching data, assessment, and analysis. Technology can reduce teachers time which they previously spent on administrative work. With the help of technology, teachers can get more time to interact with students individually.

Importance of teachers in a student’s life:

Teachers are a very essential part of a student’s life. After parents, teachers play a very important role in molding student’s future. Teachers and students share the relationship of dedication and affection. Apart from academic education, teachers educate discipline, Moral, the value of life, respect for elders, humanity, motivation, be a role model for their students etc.

Technology can reduce or ease the workload of teachers in a very smart way, technology can make the way of teaching very interesting for teachers, even technology help teachers to be more focused on providing quality teaching but Technology can never replace Teachers.

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