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Can Online Learning Replace Classroom Learning?

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It has been almost more than a decade that online learning is testing its baby steps in the main education stream.Initially, the adoption rate was slow but with the awareness and understanding of its benefits, there is a rise in adoption of the online learning software across the globe. Additionally, the hit of Covid-19, enforced all to look for an equally capable alternative for their work, education. As the educational institutes are closed but education must not be, the significant player- school management software has batted well.

With the adoption of the software, we all can see significant differences. Teachers are teaching and connecting with their students through online sessions. Staff is feeling reduced workload with many core processes are carried out online. Students are no longer have to carry heavy bags on their backs and teachers are getting rid of chalk and blackboards.

As every student is different in their own capabilities and potential, the way of learning also differs. Some students dare to ask any doubts in a class full of students but some may hesitate. Almost every teacher is ready to revise the topic until their students clearly understand it, but students feel it awkward to ask in the middle of the class and they might think that their teachers may make fun of him/her in front of the whole class. The problem of clearing doubts is effectively handled by the online learning software.

What are the plus points of in-person education that are difficult to replicate?

The classroom sessions are not limited to just listening and jotting down whatever teachers write on the blackboard. It is more than that. The unmentioned skills like interpersonal skills, leadership, organization skills, team building are developed knowingly or unknowingly. Students are surrounded by different people so that the thought exchange process is carried out continuously. Students aiming at a common goal openly discuss, share, speak which enhances their communication and social skills along with the subject knowledge.

The virtual learning software tries to embed all these by delivering a personalized and strategic education learning experience. As interpersonal skills significantly affect student performance and overall growth, the software needs to focus on developing such kinds of skills.

Let us explore how much of this virtual learning software can deliver:

Quality over Quantity

Daily and continuous conversations are the foundation for innovation, effective communication, team building. So, to facilitate this, online learning software comes with the concept of a discussion board where students can interact with each other and share their ideas. The performance can be measured by keeping a count of posts shared by each student. In many cases, the teacher interacts with students about academic content and clarifies the concept. This can yield perceived learning, academic achievement. Such creative methods will foster equivalent interpersonal skills that of classroom-led learning methods.

Social presence in a modern way

Right technology enables us to create high-quality interactions while using a virtual learning environment. The fact one-size-fits-all proved to be right in this aspect. The same platform is used by the teachers and students to interact with each other in a meaningful way. The pandemic and resultant school closure has enforced educational institutions to seek an effective communication and collaboration alternative. The virtual learning software integrated with such applications for making effective interactions is welcomed by the educational institutes.

Till here, we were illustrating how online learning can replicate in-person learning. The core advantages offered by the modern way are really irresistible. Students are able to attend the classes by breaking the physical location boundaries provided that they have a reliable internet connection and a smart gadget. The asynchronous model can be only implemented with the online learning style. Students can work and study their favourite courses online and achieve milestones in both sectors. So, the flexibility offered by the online learning software is irreversible and cannot match with classroom-led learning.

Also, the feature like scalability is just a nightmare for traditional chalk and talk method which can be easily achievable with modern virtual learning. The resource efficiency, eco-friendly, free demos of trial sessions are some of the perks students get when adopted the online learning method. The hit of Covid-19 has forced the unparallel spike in online sessions due to continued educational institution closure. So, it is expected that the new norm of adopting virtual learning software to keep the academy functional is going to be a key player in the coming years and will be a norm.

With the invention of technology, there is a change in the education industry. There are many conceptions about the betterment of both chalk and talk and the online learning method of learning. Joining hands with technology will yield an exceptional result in the educational industry. Great teachers and advanced technology are and will be a hit couple.

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