Teachers are Development Source for Students

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Teachers are Development Source for Students

Teachers Day 2016

Teacher. So, who is a teacher? As a kid, we would’ve replied much like… A teacher is a person who helps us solve problems we would never have without them!!

But, as we look back, we realize how important their role has been in grooming us to what we are at present. They are the candles who dispel our ignorance and then help us ignite our own candles.

We as India’s leading school management software interact with teachers on a daily basis, so we can understand what hurdles school and teacher face to examine and manage every aspect of the student’s education.

Nowadays teacher’s job is vaster compared to the past, they have to make sure that student is developing in all aspects, by performing different activities apart from studies and Vidyalaya helps them to achieve their goals. So we believe teachers play important role in nurturing student’s future.

We’ve been fortunate to have teachers who not only shared their knowledge and information with us but also shared a bond of kinship and affection. They cared for us when we didn’t even know what care was. You can pay people to teach, but you can’t pay them to care. As they say, the best teachers are ones who teach from the bottom of their hearts and not merely from books. They mould us, nourish us and make us better individuals.

You could go to them either with the problem of finding the ‘x’ of your quadratic equation or with the problems of the ‘ex’ of your love equation! The tiniest of your worry becomes theirs too. You bother them, harass them. They’ll slap you with one hand, but also caress you with the other. Such wonderful and kind they are!

Dr. Radhakrishnan must have been such a phenomenal being, that India has chosen his birthday to pay tribute to million such beings who dedicate their lives to shape us. We can never thank them enough, but today, Vidyalaya grab this opportunity to convey sincere gratitude to teachers. Hope you do so too! A very happy teacher’s day to all of you!

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