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School Management Software Helps Imparting Quality Education

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Education brings about opportunity, and in turn inspiration

Above proverb fits is true and pure like crystal as educational institutes are the foundation of any career and teachers were used to be the professionals who guide us, provide consultancy and shows the right path to achieve any goal, the meaning of teacher was those who spend their most of time in sculpting and rectifying our mindset and doubts respectively.

But as I said it was used to be, in today’s era scenario is different and teaching is not the only job a teacher need to perform, works like making report, performance analysis and many more things.
Although this thing is also important as analytical analysis is important to understand the issues and problem deeply, but due to this most of the time is consumed in this activities and academics and educational section is hinder somewhere, which is not good in long run.

School Management software is of the technology boon for educational institutes because with the help of this ERP solution school, college and all other institutes can manage their administrative and paperwork easily and smoothly, teachers can impart quality education to students. See how functionalities of school management software helps teachers on imparting quality Education.

Customize & configurable:

As the name suggest this functionality helps schools and teachers to prepare any report within few seconds and no matter how complex or how lengthy the report is, with school management software’s custom search facility.

For instance, if management want report on the performance of students in class divisions of 10th with factors of unit test, prelims exam and score of terms exam, for this management just need to make few filters and clicks and report is made in no time with all graphical representations and also it can be done on any platform as its been configurable. This way teachers can focus more on educational & academic part rather than administrative paperwork.

Mobile Application:

This something will help educational institutes in two ways, to enhance education more smoothly and restrict the gap barrier in communication with stakeholders more precisely with students and parents. Homework, assignments, queries everything can be assigned to students or class with the help of mobile application of school management software. Parents can track down their son/daughter performance in academics, activities and his or her presence in class with the help of mobile application, his lure the burden of communication with parent for teacher and teachers can focus more on academic’s part.

Moreover, there are many more advantage of having a school management software not only towards education but also towards the administrative work and helps school to reduce paper consumption and get rid of the stack of papers. School management software have become the tag of the techno-savvy education institutes.

Simplified Administrative:

Vidyalaya provides the features for Admission management, fees management, employee leave management, payroll management, scholarships, certificates etc. This simplified administration goes paperless and simply time management in an easy way is done. Some staff activities are such which are to be performed every single day, this school management software makes it easy and also diverts all such activities to groom something constructive work towards child’s Future.

Paperless & Cost Effective:

Vidyalaya school management software offers you anytime, anywhere access, ensure smooth functioning of the academic process. Vidyalaya effectively manages your day to day administrative activity like managing grades, student attendance, Exam & Result, Employee & Payroll, Fees & Account, Certificates, Front office, Transportation, Hostel, Library, Canteen etc. Vidyalaya offers you an integrated solution like integrated SMS, Mobile App, Biometric, Online payment gateway, tally integration, Barcode, Online Exam & many more, satisfying a need of complete school ERP for hassle free school management. Vidyalaya school software’s powerful reporting & analysis tool makes your campus automated & paperless ultimately saves time, resources & cost.

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