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Features must Present in Quality School Information Management System

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Features must Present in Quality School Information Management System


Application of information technology in managing the educational field got a boost due to the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the technology. In the primary stage of development, the school information management system (SMIS) sole purpose was to bring improvement and efficiency in the activities which are undertaken in the school office. Mainly the system was used for storing students and staff data.

There are some selected features which are must be present in a good information management system designed for the schools.

Cloud Enabled:

Reputed schools now need to consider performing very activity right in the cloud. The existence of cloud-based MIS having no local footprint of any server or software ensures less money and time invested in IT and majorly on important education priorities.

Admission Management:

There is no need to maintain piles of files for admission management when important data can be stored smartly. The accurate search will make data accessible easily and that can be achieved by systems for student information as well as school software.

Account Management:

Selected few school information management system offer accurate accounting functionality. Making Tracking of schools daily expenses, tracking of the fee received and a list of defaulters will make accounting management easier for schools.

Students attendance management:

Recording of the attendance subject wise is must keep track on the students the students missing classes and needing the extra class for missed syllabus covered in a regular class. It also reduces the chances of proxy and any type of paperwork for attendance records.

Staff Management:

This feature will help in making communication between individuals and groups. Staff attendance, Salary as well as other expenses can be easily tracked with the support of this management system.

Alumni Management:

Alumnus is the powerhouse for any school and college. It is important to maintain the network of alumnus proactively and need to be simple to handle. Ensure to go for a Student MIS which provides an opportunity to make interact with the Alumni network and help in making discussions on topics like fundraising, programs for membership, social interactions, job boards, and donations.

The above are some of the key features that need to be present in a good school management system. For adding any customized feature for school-specific needs can be done by discussing with the experts behind the making of the systems for school management. Information system offered by trusted companies provides anytime and anywhere access, in order to ensure that the function remains smooth for the academic process.

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