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What Is Heutagogy In Education? Difference between Pedagogy and Heutagogy

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Have you heard the term self-learning? If yes, you must be aware of how this concept can bring a magnificent change to students’ lives. Rather than depending on tutors for each and everything, when students believe in their self-capabilities and start working on their own, the results are well-honored. Wait, it’s not that students should completely cut off from the teachers and solely learn the entire syllabus on their own. Here comes the concept of heutagogy. This concept has proven fruitful outcomes and overcomes the flaws of the traditional education system. Introduction to technology-based approaches like LMS (Learning Management System), Education ERP, CRM system have transformed the way of learning and made it more engaging and productive. Let’s learn one of the effective and futuristic strategy-heutagogy in this blog!

What is Heutagogy in the education system?

Heutagogy is a type of pedagogy learning in which the learner plays the lead role and takes the responsibility of learning on his/her shoulders with some guidance from the teacher. It differs from conventional learning in that students have to follow the tutor’s instructions. Students direct their learning and development. This approach is based on the Greek word Heuriskein, which defines ‘to discover’. This self-determined learning approach focuses on the development of autonomy, capacity, and capability. Heutagogy brings several benefits in the education system:

  • When students take responsibility for their own learning, they are more likely to tend more engaged and motivated.
  • Students also feel a sense of ownership and pride in their achievements when they drive the responsibility of their learning.
  • Self-determined learners tend to achieve better outcomes than passive learners.
  • Students retain the information they learn when they are engaged in their learning.
  • When students get control of their learning, they become more creative and can think out-of-the box.

What are the Principles of Heutagogy?

Heutagogy is a student-centric learning methodology that is based on the development of independence, ability, and qualification in students. It prepares students ready for lifelong learning, new technology, and for career options. While so many educators have experimented on this concept, they have come up with some principles:

1. Learner-centric:

Heutagogy is a leaner-centric learning methodology that enables learners to make all decisions related to learning. Additionally, only the learner can decide what to cover in the learning and what to omit. Only the learners decide whether learning goals have been achieved and up to what extent. 

2. Transformational Learning process:

We can achieve a complete focus on transformational learning with one of the major types of pedagogy learning. In this approach, students are dependent on their inner skills and abilities for learning. 

3. Lessons from one’s own learning:

Along with things taught in the classrooms, heutagogy enables students to reflect on their own learning process and identify various ways to fit them. Alumni management modules from an Education ERP system can help in this aspect, where students can understand ways of learning followed by their senior and think whether they are still effective. 

4. Undefined path of learning:

In heutagogy, the path of learning is not predefined, as the learner needs to decide what is significant and what is not. Learners themselves learn this from a variety of options and decide what and how to learn. A thoroughly designed learning management system can help learners in this process and make efficient decisions. 

5. Double-loop learning:

It is an integral part of heutagogy which refers to questioning one’s beliefs and problem-solving along with analyzing the actions and their outcomes. In a single-loop process, learners concentrate on problems and results of the action, whereas, in a double-loop, learners thoroughly assess the entire learning process and find different ways of learning. 

How Heutagogy is different from Pedagogy?

Even though heutagogy is considered as one of the pedagogical learning approaches, there are several differences between these two terms. Let’s learn what are they:



Heutagogy refers to a learning practice where students concentrate on self-directed learning. Pedagogy refers to a method of teaching and how teachers teach in theory as well as in practice.
Students have entire control of learning. Teachers also play a pivotal role in controlling the learning process in the pedagogical approach.
Students decide what to cover and what not in learning as they are the decision-makers.  In pedagogy learning, teachers decide what to include in the learning process.
Heutagogy focuses on how students can come up with out-of-box ideas to develop several self-learning strategies. Pedagogy concentrates on building previous learning and working on the development skills and attitudes of the learners. 
In heutagogy, students play the lead role in the entire learning process whereas teachers play a secondary role.  Pedagogical learning mainly deals with the teaching process so teachers are at the lead. 
Heutagogy encourages individual learning although it encourages learning from other’s stories.  Pedagogy encourages teamwork and group projects for the students.
Heutagogy develops problem-solving, self-discipline, motivation, and critical thinking. Pedagogy develops cognitive skills using detailed analysis, comprehension, and evaluation. 



For effective outcomes, it is imperative that teachers and students should collaborate with each other and teachers should enable students to understand their learning responsibilities. On the other side, students should also blend other’s perspectives of learning with their own. With a successful learning management system implementation, teachers and students can be on the same page and work on learning patterns and methods improvements. 

Vidyalaya is one of the leading EdTech providers that promotes different approaches of learning like heutagogy, and pedagogy learning. The learner-centric teaching approaches always improve the education quality and, with a seamless blend with these approaches, Vidyalaya focuses on implementing futuristic strategies. Let your students free from traditional class/book-bound learning and let them equipped with real-life skills like problem-solving, self-discipline, motivation, and critical thinking. What are you waiting for? Get connected with us over a phone or an email!

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