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25 Effective ways to Use Vidyalaya Learning Management Software

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25 Effective ways to Use Vidyalaya Learning Management Software

25 Effective ways to Use Vidyalaya Learning Management Software

If there is any software that has geared up tremendous adoption over the past few years, then it is the school learning management software. Before Covid-19 hit, education institutes were dependent on the chalk-and-talk method of learning and conventional learning management. But the pandemic locked everyone behind the doors and education institutes looked at ed-tech companies for a solution that could continue the education process without government policy violation. Vidyalaya, a pioneer name in the Indian education software industry comes to help educational institutes irrespective of scale, board of education, and location.

What is Learning Management Software?

Learning management software provides an online integrated platform where one can create, deliver, manage, and report several educational courses and their results. This platform facilitates every possible sector of an educational institute: administrative, management, academic, and communication. As every educational institute varies with its requirements, Vidyalaya provides a customized solution for effective learning management that will exactly fit your requirements.

What are the various ways to use our Learning management software?

Vidyalaya’s Learning management software can be used in various ways to accomplish various functionalities. With the features in-built, educational institutes can achieve the desired goals. Today, every educational institute is looking out for digitalized options for efficient school management and there are several school ERP available also. But the learning management system requires a thorough understanding of the educational system and a thirst for a progressive approach. Vidyalaya has the best of both, with 20+ years of experience as an Indian school software provider experience.

Here are the 25 effective ways to use our learning management software:

  1. Eliminate the flaws of the manual admission system and facilitate parents and students with a hassle-free online admission system with our integrated module of the admission management system.
  2. Don’t be hesitated to pay the fees online by relying on our reliable payment gateway and save your efforts, time, and resources, and also be updated with various reminders.
  3. Manage the admission inquiries through the in-built inquiry processing module and improve the potential enrolment ratio.
  4. Create customized forms and streamline the data management process with a cleverly crafted Student information system and get all data with faster retrieval.
  5. Create, manage, or update the academic timetable for various classes without any clashes and send automatic notifications for any updates to avoid hassles.
  6. Mark the attendance, send the notifications to the parents and make attendance management an easy process with various reporting facilities.
  7. Prepare efficient lesson plans, and easily share them with students for improved learning with an in-built learning management module.
  8. Build an interactive communication process with parents and students to track academic progress and work collaboratively for students’ overall growth.
  9. Share the classwork, homework, assignments, and project work with students/parents through the learning management software so that absent students also don’t lag and other students can get authentic information about the work to do.
  10. In case of emergencies, switch over to online classes and continue the education process through the virtual learning feature of our learning management system.
  11. Enable teachers to create class notes using various effective mediums like text, audio, video, slide shows, and images for better explanation and let them share easily with students without any delay.
  12. Let parents access the class schedule, assignments, or exam scores and become an active part of their kid’s academic journey.
  13. Teachers can try out different assessment options like short quizzes, MCQ-based exams, and questionnaires to evaluate the student’s performance thoroughly.
  14. Our learning management system provides an online platform where teachers can populate assignments, due dates, and task requirement details in the students’ calendar which will ease the students to be updated with academic tasks.
  15. Cut the delays and save your teachers from the redundant work of report card preparation by automating the work through learning management software.
  16. Even create an online library by gathering diverse study material where students can get easy references to improve their understanding.
  17. Automate the entire library management system and let both students and library staff get efficient results.
  18. Easily compare, and analyze the academic data and make fruitful decisions to improve the learning process.
  19. Get the benefits of school ERP with seamless integration with Vidyalaya’s learning management software.
  20. Analyze the teacher’s performance based on the content and innovation, teaching methods, and suggest improvements, if any.
  21. Manage the interdepartmental activities without any hassle through a common platform of learning management system like easy sharing of resources, prompt tracking of resources, and effective communication.
  22. Advanced features like scalability and flexibility make it possible for all stakeholders to work seamlessly irrespective of an increase/decrease in the number of users.
  23. Furthermore, you can also offer personalized learning paths by cutting the stereotypes of homogenous education for all. Let them learn at their own pace and enjoy the learning.
  24. An easy upgrade for study content with the help of digitalized learning management is possible as compared to the traditional textbook-notebook method.
  25. Improve your brand image by offering a future-apt way of education for the millennial generation kids where they can enjoy the learning process without bearing its pressure.

Using a learning management system to enhance the education process has become a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s data-oriented world. There are still some educational institutes that want to try this futuristic approach and some are there who want to upgrade from the existing system to a new one with better features. For all these institutes, Vidyalaya proposes a capable option of learning management software with top-notch features. Choose, implement, and use our software in enormous ways and follow a path of digital education.

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