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Why do schools need Attendance Monitoring Systems for classrooms?

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Are you looking out for a reliable option for attendance monitoring of your school? Attendance of any student is an important measure during academic life. It helps to measure the performance and regularity of the students. The absentees will depict that the student, as well as teachers, need to focus more on the particular topics taught on those days. Good attendance is also a representation of good social and academic behaviour. Many times, attendance carries significant weightage in the internal grades. So, keeping track of student’s attendance is an unavoidable activity for the teaching staff.

The traditional teacher-led method comes with several flaws and unnecessary burdens on the teaching staff. So, there is a need for a trustworthy alternative that can accomplish this task without any error. During this Covid-19 situation, classes have shifted from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms. As the method has changed, the underlying methods also need to change. The digital form of attendance has become the need of the hour. And, the classroom attendance monitoring system has become a necessity rather than a luxury during this challenging situation.

Here are some of the benefits offered by the exceptional technology to the educational institutes that underline the need of the software in today’s digital era:

Reduced overhead of teaching staff

Punching daily or session-wise attendance is one of the unavoidable tasks every teacher needs to accomplish. Mistaken absentee, human intervention errors, forgotten work, punching in the wrong register, and others are several flaws of the manual attendance system. Every teacher spends on an average 20 minutes on this monotonous work. This can be completely enhanced by implementing the classroom attendance software. The dedicated software will punch the attendance of the students with the help of biometric or RFID card punching. Students need to just stand in front of the machine and press the finger impression or RFID tag. The software accomplishes the attendance task with several benefits like rapid process, zero paperwork, zero wastage of time.

Involvement of parents

Almost every PTA ends up with stormy discussions about the absentees of the students. It is always to take the necessary action on time. Informing parents about their ward’s absentees is one of the timely responsibilities of the teacher apparently the school. But with the manual system, the only option left with the teachers is to call the parents and inform them. But this is so annoying. The best option is provided by the classroom attendance software. The software sends auto-notification to the parent’s registered mobile number through SMS/ app notification. This facilitates parents to know the regular updates about their ward’s attendance.

Improved accuracy and accessibility

Human intervention in any process predicts some number of errors due to manual limitations. But this can be completely avoided when you adopt a dedicated classroom attendance monitoring system. The system is integrated with third-party software like biometric or RFID for taking the entries for attendance and it stores the attendance data in the central repositories. The central storage enables the authentic users to access the information from anywhere, anytime. This will eliminate the need for being physically present on the school premises to access the attendance registers. Also, the possibilities of loss of attendance register, entries in the wrong register, mistaken attendance all are eliminated with the adoption of the attendance monitoring system. The higher panel of school management can get actual and accurate reports based on the attendance and they can make effective decisions.

Analytical based trends

The educational institutes strive continuously to do best than existing. They use different tools and techniques to relate the latest trends and adopt them if applicable. BI techniques are one of the popular trends in every sector and the education sector is also ready to take the leverage of the latest technology. The classroom attendance monitoring system provides a dynamic dashboard where users can review the attendance information of a particular session, class, subject, or even a particular student. This information can form the basis for making effective decisions about any subject, teacher, or student-related problems. To make any correct decision, accurate measures are important and the tailor-made software offers you the structured data exactly in the form you need.

Other benefits offered by school attendance monitoring software are listed as below:

• Scalable for expanding data of students’ attendance records.
• Remote access
• Compatible with all leading devices and for web and mobile platforms.
• Eco-friendly solution

Being an important and unavoidable part of any class, the significance of attendance monitoring is high irrespective of the form of learning. If your school wishes to overcome the drawbacks of the manual attendance monitoring system, then lay a new-age foundation with school attendance monitoring software.

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