Attendance Management System

How Attendance Management System can Benefit Schools?

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How Attendance Management System can Benefit Schools?


“Attendance” is the most important part of the organization but, taking attendance of the students and staff is a hectic part of any organization. The attendance management system helps the organization to take the attendance of the students and staff in a very easy manner.

Vidyalaya provides lots of benefits to the organization for attendance purposes. Below mentioned are some of the highlights of the Vidyalaya School ERP system for Attendance.

Multiple Way’s to take attendance

Vidyalaya provides multiple ways to take student attendance. Below mentioned are multiple ways by which the teacher can take the attendance of the students in the class.

Quick Presence Entry for Admin Purpose

Quick presence entry Screen in Vidyalaya ERP helps the admin to take the attendance of the student in bulk. All the classes and divisions are displayed on this screen.

In this screen, the admin just needs to mark the absent roll numbers of the students. With the help of this, the admin can take the attendance of the whole school within 2-5 minutes.

Class-wise attendance for the class teacher

A Teacher can take the attendance class-wise. The teacher can select the class and division. According to the class and division, the list of all the students will be displayed.

In class-wise attendance, all the students are present by default, the students which are absent for them just need to untick the checkbox.

Subject Wise attendance

For each and every lecture, attendance can be taken with Vidyalaya school ERP. The teacher can filter the subject and can fill the attendance. The Teacher can take attendance at their fingertips.

Student Filter Criteria

With Vidyalaya, the organization can filter the students based on their attendance of the students. The School can set various criteria for the students.

The school can define the attendance percentage, Indicator, Colour, and points in the filter criteria. According to the criteria, Vidyalaya provides the provision of Filter Student by which the organization can filter the students.

Vidyalaya Staff Attendance Management System

Similar to student attendance Vidyalaya provides the provision to take the staff attendance from the ERP. If the employee is absent, one can mark the reason for the absence.

The attendance of the employee is fully integrated with the payroll. According to the presence of the employees, the payroll can be calculated and the payslip can be generated easily.

Biometric Integrated with Attendance Management System

The attendance Management system is fully integrated with Biometric, for student and staff attendance. With the help of biometrics, it becomes very easy for any organization to take attendance. Shift allocation can be done for every employee.

The organization can set the working days of employees and students. According to the working days of employees and students, the present days and absent days can be calculated.

Vidyalaya Mobile app Attendance System

Taking attendance with the school mobile app is again a fingertip task for the employees to take student attendance. The teacher can take attendance in the class with a mobile app.

According to the class, division, and subject assigned to the teacher, they can view the list of all the students and can mark the attendance of the students in the mobile app.

SMS or Notification of Attendance to Parents and Staff

The organization can send the attendance notification or SMS to the Parents and employees. The organization can send the absent, present, or both the SMS.

Vidyalaya provides Pre-defined SMS so that the organization can send auto alerts and SMS to the parents and Employees. The Organization can select the Phone Numbers on which they want to send the alert.

Attendance Management Reports

Vidyalaya provides all kinds of reports for attendance. The organization can generate the reports for Present and Absent. The School can generate the report according to the class, division, and subject.

Vidyalaya provides filters such as day-wise attendance, month-wise as well as year-wise. Vidyalaya also provides a summary dashboard for the attendance of students.

Vidyalaya provides the provision for graphical and analytical reports. It helps the management to take quick and right decisions based on the presence count, Absent count, Average presence, and Average Absent of the students.


Vidyalaya provides a hassle-free way with Vidyalaya to take attendance. For more information about student and staff attendance, you can refer to the link given below.

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