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A Comprehensive Guide to School Automation System

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The entire world is moving toward automation, then why would schools or education systems leave behind? The benefits of automation can lure them to adopt it and implement it on campus. The traditional chalk and talk method have several drawbacks that are fetching the systems to achieve their goals back. So, there is a need for a school automation system that can overcome the flaws and will offer new features. Vidyalaya is a school automation system introduced by the leading education software provider to streamline and automate the processes inside and outside the campus.

What is a school automation system?

The School automation system is a complete set of software that will help the school administration to automate the school’s diverse processes. This platform offers a common platform for all the stakeholders of the educational institute. The all-in-one software plays important role in managing educational institutes and adapts to the workflows and processes of the host educational institute.

Why automation of school processes is important?

Understanding the definition is not enough, how automation can affect the school vertically and horizontally is important. The automation of processes has an impact on each department and every stakeholder. School management needs to have an interest in initial investment but looking at the long-term benefits, the decision of implementing a school automation system proves to be fruitful indeed.

Here are the striking benefits that one can get from the automation system for school:

  • Increased efficiency

A school uses diverse resources like manpower, paper, energy, and fuel. During the peak time of admissions and exams, school personnel needs to bear an extensive workload. The school manager system of Vidyalaya, on the other hand, can scale up to increase the processing within the same resources. The scalability feature of the Vidyalaya will help the school staff to reduce the workload by automating the core processes.

For example, it is observed that the manual method of fee collection required more resources, and also the staff were under the pressure of money handling. But, the automation of fee collection will not only reduce the workload as the online transactions are carried away within a few clicks but the issue of money handling is also resolved as the digital transactions take care of it.

As the automation is implemented across the different departments, not only in the administrative section but the academic section also. This will help the teaching staff to focus on core teaching rather than getting engaged in the non-teaching activities like timetable scheduling, attendance, and exam paper settings. Vidyalaya’s school automation software enables the staff to cut down resource usage by converting the processes like attendance, assignments, and exams to their digital versions.

  • Cost-effective solution

Cost-effectiveness is the biggest benefit of any automation system. Paper usage in the schools is more than any other organization, it is considered both an expense and waste. When the Vidyalaya school management system is implemented, there is no need to keep a paper trail of records. It is just simple of uploading the script with fields you need to be filled out. Copies of the paper are saved as the digital version of the document can be circulated to any number of people.

  • Streamlined approach

Consider the scenario of checking exam papers. They are first collected in the bunch by the examiner from the students, then are passed to the respective teacher for checking, then to the moderator for re-checking, and finally the reverse flow when results are out. Consider the risk in handling the sheet of paper by all these people. The sheet of paper can tear out or damage or can lose. Vidyalaya’s school automation system proposes a simpler solution for all this by offering online examinations. Teachers will just monitor the virtual class; students will answer the system-set question paper and submit it online. No handling of any paper, parents are sent notifications when results are out. As the system itself evaluates the answer sheets, there are fewer chances of human intervention errors.

How to automate the school?

Every education institute has different working strategies so the software for school management does not come under a one-fits-all scenario. Vidyalaya offers you tailor-made software that is designed by understanding the specific requirements of the school. The same strategy applies to the automation of the school processes.

The automation process can be divided into different stages:

  • Individual Level

If your school is operating at the individual level, carrying out all the processes by individual contributors. Generally, all documents are in paper form, the approvals are taken by walk-in or through the mail. This method is longer and can take hours to weeks for taking approval as the entire process is carried out in manual mode.

  • Digital Level

It is the first phase of school digitalization. Paper documents are uploaded in the form of a pdf on the computer. When approval is taken, the form is mailed to the sender. This process cuts down the delivery time, send and receive of emails is time-consuming and confusing. The track is not properly maintained.

  • E-file Level

Your school is digitalized at this stage and centrally stored or cloud storage is used for storing the various forms and data. When you need approval from personnel, you need to ask them to visit the cloud, download the form, sign, and re-upload. Here, the flaw is you need to keep the watch ticking for giving reminders to the concerned staff.

  • Automation

The last and desired stage is automation which depicts that your school is fully automated. You need to upload the form, and set the proper workflow, it’s just what you need to do. The system will move your form through the appropriate approval flow automatically. Each decision-maker will get the notification and will get the form and the acceptance or denial decision is left to the person. Your work is to click one button.

Educational institute management needs to think out of the box to offer excellent features to their students. This can convert into students’ growth and apparently institute’s growth. Vidyalaya, being a leading software for school management fulfills all the needs of an education institute. Be a leader and set an example for others to follow. The out-of-class features of the software will set you apart and ahead of the players in the market.

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