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How Vidyalaya Mobile App Help Students in Assignment Management?

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Before the invention of mobile app technology, we were bounded to place and time restrictions. We needed to go to the place where connecting devices are present and do the work like offices, schools, cyber cafes, and others. The invention of mobile applications transformed our lives in 360 degrees and we broke the location and time barriers. We are allowed to do our work from anywhere, anytime provided we have a reliable internet connection. This change impacted the education industry also and changed the way of working.

The progressive way of learning is achieved with the help of technology integration. The implementation of web or desktop applications has become an old-school concept and the latest mobile app is in-trend. The various features fascinate the young generation of educational runners to implement them in the campus and thus building a strong place in the market. While the school ERP software released by the educational software providers comes with core modules, the advanced ERP add-ons the supplementary modules like student assignment management system.

Advanced way of learning has changed the educational system from chalk and pen to submitting assignments online. Vidyalaya, the ruling software in the educational domain is bound to meet the expectation of the education sector with its cutting-edge features. The software comes in the mobile application form and enriches the benefits of a mobile application, too. The core modules along with brownie modules like assignment management help the teachers and students in achieving a complete learning experience.

Assignments are assigned by the teachers to students to evaluate their understanding and reinforcement of the lessons. Assignments carry a significant role in internal grade calculations. The importance of assignments enforces the educational institutes to provide an effective solution for the new age assignment management process. Collaboration of student assignment management software with core school ERP will help to achieve this goal.

Here is how the Vidyalaya mobile application helps students in effective assignment management:

Get instant notification 

Vidyalaya, the mobile student assignment management system sends instant notifications for every action that happened like assignment creation, assignment assigned, accepted or rejected, status change, report card generation. The notification will help students to track important activities and manage their schedules.

With this facility, students are no more needed to wait and check for whether the teacher has assigned new topics if the assignment submitted accepted or rejected by the concerned teacher after a regular time interval. The easy notification feature will be notified by mobile app notification features.

Simplified and streamlined tasks

A student needs to accomplish multiple assignments for different subjects. A load of assignments can make them confused and out of track. But a single dashboard where all work is organized and streamlined manner can eliminate the chances of getting lost. Vidyalaya student assignment management software relaxes students by offering updated information about every subject assignment like the topic, name of the teacher, and end date. This information can help students to decide on the priority of work.

Access data from anywhere, anytime

For the web or manual applications, students were restricted to bound to place. Change of place caused miss or loss of assignment activity. But this is overcome by the mobile application of the student assignment management system. Using the mobile application, students can access data breaking the location and time barriers.

Multiple attachment feasibility

The pen-paper form of assignment requires a paper form of submission. The digitalized version will facilitate the students to upload the assignments in different forms like MS Word, pdf, or image form. These forms fulfil the requirements of specified assignments. Enabling the multiple attachment feasibility features will not restrict students to build and upload assignments in a single format.

Bridges gap between teacher and student

Every student expects to get notified and receive proper feedback when the assignments are submitted. But, understanding the workload of teacher, it is not possible every time. In many cases, teachers announce the results in front of the entire class, and students who got bad remarks may feel embarrassed. This can increase the gap between teachers and students. But the personalized feedback given by the teacher is accessible to the students only so trust and confidentiality can bridge the gap.

The in-built discussion panels in the student assignment management software enable students to ask multiple questions and get their doubts clear. This will help to increase the soft skills like teamwork, communication among the students.

Secure storage

As a student have you ever come across the loss of assignments or damage to the assignment papers? If yes, then you will definitely understand the necessity of digital storage. The Vidyalaya is a cloud-based platform that gives the benefits of cloud technology and secures your data with additional layers. As the digitalized version of assignments in the student assignment management system will remove the possibilities of easy tampering or loss or damage, the handling is easier than the manual method.

Improved performance

Technology integration in the learning process seems to be beneficial so far. The academic performance in the schools where technology implementation is applied is far better than those who lack it. This is because the systems are solely focused on better knowledge-sharing experiences. They are self-dependant and they do not need to argue or request admins for various chores. That indicates that their full-time responsibility is to focus on student’s progress and growth rather than engaging in non-productive stuff.

Assignments are an effective way to assess the student’s understanding of a subject. The mark-based or grade-based assignments are an inevitable part of academic life. The new norms have enforced the e-learning systems everywhere. The school mobile app is a major part of the e-learning platform that takes care of assignment management requirements. The proper management of assignments with the help of dedicated software helps to achieve the aims of the assignment management process in an effective manner.

Track your student’s assignment records with Vidyalaya, the specified software that is truly crafted for the complete assignment management cycle. Implement Vidyalaya on your campus and set your teaching staff free for more productive activities.

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