What is the importance of Alumni Management Software in School?

What is the importance of Alumni Management Software in School?

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Alumni are the best legacy carrier in the educational sector. They represent your values and principles in front of the whole world. With the extension of digital connections, alumni wherever in the world can connect with their roots. They can exchange updated information with the schools and existing students.

What do alumni mean in the educational sector?

Any student who studied previously in any institute is an alumnus of that institute. Typically, the students who graduated from colleges are referred to as alumni. In the educational sector, institutes maintain records of students of every batch, these records prove to be useful for various purposes. In absence of a dedicated school alumni management system, these records are maintained in the registers manually.

The way of this type of managing records has several flaws like:

Over the advancement of time, educational institutes look for a better option such as a dedicated school alumni management system to overcome all these flaws. Vidyalaya plays the role of genie and offers you tailor-made software for handling alumni management for your institute. The software provides a targeted and dedicated platform that inserts, modifies, maintains, analyses the alumni data. It offers a well-connected communication channel to establish smooth communication with the institute and current students.

Why educational institutes must manage a well-connected alumni network?

Students work across the globe for their career, education, business. They carry the legacy of the institute they learned. Students can bring several benefits even after graduating from the institutes. They provide mutually beneficial and fruitful relationships over time.

Here is the list of benefits, the educational institute can avail of with a well-connected alumni network:

What is the importance of alumni management software in school?

Reviewing the benefits of having good relations with alumni, educational institutes demand tailor-made alumni management software. Vidyalaya being a key player in the ed-tech industry brings a product for alumni management.

Know the glimpses of Vidyalaya’s alumni management software and get to know about its importance:

Comprehensive alumni management software

Alumni management not only keeps records of ex-students but organizes them for better uses. With organized data and features, the educational institute can accomplish bulk mailing, fund organization, social media management through a single platform. Even structured data can be a ready-made database that can be sent to companies for job offerings.

Vidyalaya’s school alumni management software is enriched with several features so that the institute can build a great connection bridge with alumni. It is possible for institutes to build engagement, creation of alumni events, fundraise through a single platform.

Reduce the workload

Maintaining all-inclusive alumni management is a stretching task. The staff needs to add, update records on a frequent basis. The social platforms of schools also need to be handled on regular basis. Bulk mailing, sending invites for an event is a tiresome and time-consuming task.

With the help of Vidyalaya’s school alumni management system, one can have a readymade database of sorted data. This task requires lots of time when done manually. But with a dedicated platform, the organization of data becomes a piece of cake. Also, the flexibility and scalability features will help the institute to expand the alumni network with growing years.

More power with advanced analytics

Creating data about alumni, storing it for a longer time is not enough. Organizing data and making it available for making better purposes is what needs to do in this data-driven world. Vidyalaya’s alumni management software filters data based on geographical location, interests, careers and makes it available for better analytics.

The software is capable of giving updated information about how many alumni are connected, how they are responding, alumni of which batch are connected with the school most, creating data for placement services. All this data is used for analysis and can help institutes to make efficient decisions.

Maintain healthy relations with alumni

Vidyalaya focuses on maintaining good connections with alumni by understanding its benefits of it.

With the school alumni management system, the educational institute can help in:

With the system, one can get connected with alumni and build an updated system that will be beneficial for both alumni and current students.

Improve placement rates

Alumni works across organizations that are different in location, domains, scale, and job hierarchy. The updated knowledge about the domain and the latest trends always helps current students in getting aware of the latest knowledge and fit for the time. This will help to improve the placement rates.

Vidyalaya’s alumni management software helps to connect with alumni and they can bring job offerings, job fairs, placement drives so that students and alumni also can be hired.

It is said that one should never forget their own roots. The alumni network is the greatest contributor to the education industry nowadays as they carry forward the institute’s values and prove across the globe. It becomes necessary to maintain a well-connected alumni network for success for educational institutes. By seeing the benefits offered by the alumni network, there is an increase in demand for school alumni management software. Vidyalaya’s product helps to spread your connections efficiently and manage the relevant activities without much human intervention. Let the proficient software handle your digital needs of establishing a communication bridge with your ex-students and you must be connected to your students irrespective of time, place, role. Let the benefits of having good communication with your ex-students shine on your current students and grow them together!

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