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What is Education Management System and How does it work?

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What is Education Management System and How does it work?

education management system

Gone are the days when education was limited to books, blackboards, classrooms, and exams. As each industry revolved with the advancement of time, how education industry can lag behind? From classrooms to virtual classrooms, from files and folders to cloud-based storage, blackboards to digital whiteboards, education institutes are redefining themselves with the help of a complete package of education software. There are so many education software providers across the globe but as each country has its own defined education system, there is a need for a thoughtful implementation of education management.

Vidyalaya is a leading player in the Indian education industry that perfectly understands the requirements and offers apt solutions for them. India country that is made up of regions different cultures, languages, governments. Vidyalaya understands the comprising states along with their roots and offers tailor-made education software that perfectly suits the requirements.

An education software tries to make all possible parts of the education system more efficient by bringing automation, digitalization into the processes. As we all are moving towards personalization, user experience, the education industry can adopt the same way by implementing the education management system for various campus and on-campus activities. In this data-driven era, the importance of data is underlined once again, so education systems can make use of student data to bring more efficiency, enrichment to the system. But it is possible only when the data is stored in an organized way. Vidyalaya offers cloud-based software to avail of the benefits of cloud technology and secures your data.

What is education management software?

It is the software that is accessed by all stakeholders of the education institute like teachers, students, administrators, staff, and even parents to facilitate the learning process. The complete package streamlines the underlying processes and makes it a perfect collaboration by boosting productivity, improving communication, and reducing the wastage of resources.

Vidyalaya’s education management software is just a perfect fit for all types of educational institutes, may it be K-12 schools or residential schools. One will find everything you need to run an institute of any scale through the software.

How does educational management software work?

Like any other software, Vidyalaya’s educational management software is divided into different modules to divide the core functionalities but yet to be integrated. If we closely observe the education cycle, it starts with admissions and ends up with becoming alumni. This is exactly replicated in the digitalized version of the system.

So, look at the core modules of Vidyalaya’s software to understand the working of it:

Admission Management

This module can be called an entry point of the system. Vidyalaya’s admission management module overcomes all the flaws of the manual admission management system and offers an advanced way of handling all types of admissions.

Functionalities of this module are:

  • Updating school/college website about the admission process, displaying all guidelines about admissions.
  • Comprehensive student inquiry management with online forms
  • Ease in inquiry follow-ups and bulk SMS and mailing
  • Online application form filling and submission
  • Shortlisting of candidates based on merits
  • Student registration and record maintenance

Attendance Monitoring System

Students’ attendance is more important to track students’ progress. Ditch your registers and free your teachers and shift to the attendance monitoring system. Integration with RFID or biometric devices will ensure that there are no human intervention errors in recording the attendance.

Glance what is hidden inside the education management system’s attendance monitoring module:

  • Tracking in-outs not only of students but also your employees
  • Category-wise attendance
  • Efficient analysis of attendance based on class, time, teacher, subject
  • Hassle-free integration with third-party systems like SMS, biometric, RFID.
  • Send notifications to parents after attendance is marked

School Fees Management

School fees are the core income source of any educational institute. Vidyalaya eliminates the possibilities of mismanagement during the peak admission period by offering education ERP software’s fees management module.

Here is how the module works:

  • Simplified fees collection and management process by offering an online payment option.
  • Customized fees set up to offer a tailor-made solution
  • Send auto-reminders to parents about due date fees, fees schedule
  • No more application cycle for receipt generation
  • Individual fee check-up
  • Transparency through dashboard analysis

Exam and Result Management

Make your institute prepared for any type of exam without stressing your teachers. Easy conduction of all types of exams, be it a unit test or annual exam. Vidyalaya’s education software makes you ready for the efficient exam and result management.

With the software you can have:

  • Configuration of all types of grades, combination, and weightage
  • Evaluation of scores with mark entries
  • Hassle-free synchronization with attendance, profile, and fees module
  • Publishing of exam results and sending the report cards to parents
  • Easy exam timetable generation and hall tickets
  • All necessary reports

Payroll Management

Reduce your staff’s overhead by digitalizing the payroll process and letting them concentrate on other fruitful tasks. The education ERP software can help you to administer all HR-related processes with more accuracy, and without wasting resources.

Vidyalaya’s payroll management module will help you to carry out the following functions:

  • Employee database maintenance
  • Employee performance management
  • Employee attendance management
  • Employee payroll management
  • Employee onboard process
  • Analytical and documentation management

Transport Management

Provide digitalized protection to your students by providing a GPS-based transport management system. Vidyalaya will not let you down just because your students’ commute is not secured and cannot be tracked. The education management software integrates with the GPS system and updates the parents about their ward’s whereabouts.

  • Send updates about changes in schedule to parents
  • Daily notifications about bus departure and arrival schedule
  • Live to track of school vehicle
  • School vehicle maintenance schedule reminders
  • Speed, fuel, time record maintenance
  • Communication in case of emergency

Along with these core modules, Vidyalaya’s education ERP software is comprised of other modules like student management, employee leave management, certificates, scholarships, timetable management, MIS, health, event, and activity management.

Education ERP software is a complete package that serves all requirements of the education industry starting from publishing admission notices to alumni management. Complete student cycle is covered and different modules improve the functionalities of different sections of an educational institute. Vidyalaya exactly understands the requirements of the modern education system and facilitates the industry with renowned products that are making leading noise in the market. Let the education software handle all your education management and you concentrate on exploring new ways of spreading knowledge and success to your students. Discard yourself and your staff from monotonous tasks, instead focus on providing a fruitful environment where your students will love to shine!

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