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Why Every School Needs Examination Management System?

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Why Every School Needs Examination Management System?

examination management system

Exams! The word itself comes with tension and anxiety not only for students but also for school administration. There are many arrangements needed to do to conduct an exam with success. School administration needs to look into various things like syllabus settings, question paper creation, the printing of question papers and answer sheets, keeping them safe from potential risks, arranging the supervisors and moderators, setting up no-clashing timetables, evaluating the answer sheets, listing the marks, declaring the results. Hush! The list is never-ending. All these steps of manual implementation require extensive resources and administration skills. To get rid of the anxiety and tensions that occur before every small or big scale exam, Vidyalaya facilitates you with a school examination management system.

Many of the institutes and mostly after pandemics insist on online exams over manual exams. As the benefits and provisions offered by online exams are unbeatable, it is no wonder that if we see all exams are being conducted online in coming years. Are you ready for the new strategies? Need some homework before implementation? This is the perfect place that illustrates why every school needs a dedicated school exam management system?

Check out Some benefits of the Examination Management System.

  • Reduced management and administration task

School exam management is tedious work and consumes lots of resources in form of manpower, time, effort, papers. Different level of managerial and administrative personnel is invested to make the entire process successful. But, if you shifted to Vidyalaya’s school exam management system, then you don’t need to do all these. You and your subordinate staff will experience a reduced workload but with 100% efficiency. Almost all underlying processes are digitalized and automated so the staff can invest themselves in more productive works.

Also, you don’t need to hire specialized supervisors to supervise the exams, as camera-based supervision will restrict the students to do ill tasks. Also, a single teacher can monitor the exams for the entire class.

  • Easy process flow

The exam process contains various sub-processes that make it difficult to implement. Also, the correlation between the two processes makes them dependant. The Online exam management system of Vidyalaya removes the dependency to the best possible extent and makes them easy to monitor.

For example, the manual question paper setting requires the subject teacher to sit with the syllabus and pick up the questions by visiting topics individually. Allocate the marks, set the entire question paper by keeping total marks in mind, decide the weightage of each chapter. All this overhead can be eliminated with an online examination management software as it will set the question paper automatically with the specification given in terms of the nature of the questions. So, the difficulty in the process is reduced significantly.

  • Consistency and error-free

No exam season goes well without at least one news of faulty questions or erroneous question paper. When question papers are set by humans, there are possibilities of human-intervention errors. This can be completely avoided when you set your question papers through Vidyalaya’s school exam management software. Also, there are fewer chances of leaking papers that increase the reliability of your institution.

Also, the online evaluation process cannot be beaten by a manual system due to complete automation and speed. The rapid evaluation and high-level accuracy can be achieved through online evaluation of answer sheets.

  • Time-saving option

If you ask any teacher or staff that how much time you spent before and during the peak exam period in the school, then you will be surprised to get the answers of 2-3 hours more than the regular working hours. Setting up a syllabus, question paper creation, seating arrangement, evaluation takes lots of time. Students need to wait months to get the results as teachers evaluate each answer sheet, make a list of marks, submit it to the corresponding class-teacher and class teacher prepare the final result.

In an online exam management system, time is saved significantly as auto-paper setting, sharing the link. Also, the paper evaluation is completely machine-operated so teachers don’t need to take the burden of paper evaluation. The computer can check and declare the result immediately after the exam so students don’t need to wait for results.

  • Standard and customized reporting

School administration needs various reports to make futuristic decisions better. Class-wise, teacher-wise, subject-wise, division-wise reports are required to submit after every exam. These reports need to have correct data for accurate evaluation. Human prepared reports may have errors that can impact the decisions adversely.

So, Vidyalaya facilitates you with a school exam management software that can make you capable with standard and customized reports. Fast retrieval of data helps management to make faster decisions that are based on accurate data.

  • Eco-friendly solution

A lot of paper is wasted in the question paper, answer sheets, report cards making our planet suffer from low greeneries. You can opt for an eco-friendly option by joining hands with Vidyalaya. Your exams will be paper-free if you implement a school exam management system on your campus. Students will check the question papers on a computer/tablet screen and submit the answer on the same. There will be no need of printing papers and answer sheets. A lot of resources in terms of cost, money, efforts will be saved. Also, every year after result declaration school collects a lot of papers that are of no use in form of question papers and answer sheets. This can be totally avoided. You can contribute to the ‘save tree save nature’ campaign by setting yourself as an example.

  • Transparency

We heard a lot of issues with exam scams like question paper leaks, errors in result declaration, non-effective re-evaluation. This can badly impact the institution’s impression and can result in decreased reliability. You can stand out your institution from these by adopting an online examination management system.

As there is no or less human intervention in the entire process, a high level of transparency can be achieved. Parents and students mainly look for transparency in evaluation which can be achieved efficiently with Vidyalaya.
Exams are inevitable parts of academic life. Although the nature of the exam may have changed over the period, the basic essence will remain the same. It is necessary for educational institutes to tune into ongoing trends to sustain in this throat-cutting competition. So, Vidyalaya offers you a standout option with its top-notch school examination management software. Adopt the solution and take a relaxed seat as you will be already equipped with future-fit technology that will keep your institution ahead of the crowd. Give the best, secure, reliable option to your students and make the evaluation process the best in the industry.

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