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New Features of Vidyalaya School Management Software

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In the 21st century changes in our routine life have become quintessential. The technology keeps evolving and new features are updated in the products for making it a user-friendly and foolproof system. As one of the famous personalities quoted “At the heart of every product person, there’s a desire to make someone’s life easier or simpler. If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand.” Consequently, we are delighted to let you know what the new features have Vidyalaya got:

Let’s find out the new features of Vidyalaya School Management Software:

1. Online exams with descriptive type:

The online typed exams known as e-exams are generally used for conducting MCQ-based tests of the students which has been very much helpful in lockdown as schools are shut down. So schools can easily conduct the objective-based test. However, now we have enhanced it with subjective typed functionality where schools can conduct subjective typed exams online. In it, the administrator just needs to define the questions and assign the tests to the subject teacher(lecturer) and who is conducting the lectures on the same subject, and the students. Thereafter the same as objective exams students will be ready as per the schedule given of the exams and will appear in the test. Students can enter the answer in detail with limitless words. Then the lecturer will inspect the tests using their credential of the system and accordingly check the student’s exam papers and give them marks and other instructions. Ultimately, students can review their papers and can check the instructions given by the subject teacher.

2. Digital Form:

During the pandemic, the schools, parents, and their children were forced to stay at home and adapt to distance learning. Even now as the situation is not much severe the parents don’t want to risk their children’s life. In schools, some profile details of students like communication, students’ photos are vital for school management to maintain their records in the software. Additionally, is principally used to share with the government for Board examination hall ticket or any other forms. With digital form schools can publish the online form which can have the details like(Contact no, address, student photo) which students or their parent can check from their application and update in the application itself. Once the parent updates the required details, the school admin team can verify the same and on their approval, the details will be permanently saved in the software.

3. Chat module for communicating with parents:

We already know how Coronavirus has affected the educations systems all over the world. For effortless communication with parents, the chat module has been developed. It works almost the same as the world-leading chatting application “WhatsApp”. The teacher can share the study material like worksheets in pdf, reference videos clips, and many more. Even teachers can have a personal chat with students about their improvement areas. Teachers can also discuss with another teacher in a personal chat like syllabus and lecture notes. Admin can indeed share an important notice to students and teachers with broadcast mode. Teachers can create a group and discuss the queries with all the students. The group message can also be only displayed on the admin’s approval. For stopping students to chat personal, chat between one student to another is restricted

4. E-content for sharing study materials:

With the E-content feature, the schools can share online content without any hassle. It can be called Google-drive integration. Because in the current scenario lot of schools prefer to just prepare an offline video lecture and then just share with students as it affects less the student’s health and moreover help them to see the video anytime, compare to the live lectures. So with the E-content feature, schools can assign the prerecorded video lecture links to the students. Even schools can share The study notes and can further assign tasks of the assignment.

5. New modifications in fees:

The fee module in the school management mobile application had numerous features such as paid and outstanding fees details, online fees payment, and fee receipt. We have enhanced it with innovations like fee invoice. As parents don’t often come to the school campus in the current state of the situation, schools can assign an invoice of the fees which parents can refer and pay online or go to the nearby bank and pay according to the invoice details. Many types of fees like tuition fees were refunded due to the financial crisis. So one feature named fee refund has been added where parents can check the refunded relevant information. My deposit option has been added where parents check their deposit fees details such as hostel deposit for hotel students or admission deposits if it’s been adjusted in another expense like books provided by the schools then parents can check all those transactions in the application.

6. Attendance monitoring linked with online learning lectures:

We previously know that virtual classrooms trends in all the schools in a current academic session. The tracking of the students is paramount more so in distant learning. We had the feature to track the attendance of the students during the exact time of that particular lecture. Now it’s linked with subjectwise attendance the parent can even view the dashboard with months and can have averaged in those months concerning the respective subjects.

For the management also the subject-wise attendance which is linked with online learning lectures has been added in their multi-campus summary dashboard. Where they can check overall counts and the average percentage of the present and absent students class-wise and additionally genderwise.

7. Daily thought feature:

Thinking is an important process as it helps us to understand the struggles and the outside world as best as possible. It helps us to make smarter decisions to survive, live, and flourish. To motivate the students and help them spread positivity to their friends. Schools generally have a first session of the day as thought. In the software also, the admin can prepare a list of quotes and do the setup of assigning the daily thoughts once They can edit it with editors, can upload pictures of the famous quotes too. Students or employees can view the same on their application home screen.


With a client-centric attitude, we always try to fix the bugs to make the system error-free, constantly evolving with the emerging technologies, and developing new features as per the school management’s requirement. Hence our users can have a great experience of using the application efficiently.

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