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Top Key Features of School Transport Management Software

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Top Key Features of School Transport Management Software

School Transport Management Software

Transport systems are known as important invention as it connects people to the rest of the world. From walking to bullet train and metro, the transport system has advanced itself with the flow of time. Integration of technology has touched the transport sector and the new form is fascinating. School bus and school vans or public transport are the only available transport means till date. Integration of technology in these means makes them more time-suitable and advanced. And this provided ground for the development of a school transport management system. No wonder, Vidyalaya, the leading education software provider catch up on this opportunity and come with software having top-notch features.

Safe and secure commute

Every parent is worried about the safety taken during the commute, as they cannot be not with their children everywhere. They are continuously worried that if bus driver takes wrong or long route, why the bus got delayed. This is a major concern for the parents whose wards remain last on the bus.

Technology-driven school transport management software delivered by Vidyalaya assures a safe and secure commute. Parents or school administrators can access the live location of the vehicle anytime and ensure that everything is going smoothly. The GPS integration will help them in doing this so that they can keep a watch on bus routes.

The vehicle tracking features also deter ill-intentioned people to do any wrong activities as the vehicle is under continuous monitoring. This also increases the accountability of the transport staff as they are being monitored. The advanced features of the software will help the school administrators to know about the driving styles, fuel consumption, driving speed details. This can help them to provide a safe and secure commute to their students.

Transport Alerts to parents

As vehicles are machines, they can get damaged or need repair in between. Many times, the bus schedule gets changed or delayed due to emergency reasons. Parents become worried due to this change and they are not aware of the reasons. To resolve this issue, Vidyalaya facilitates the school transport management system to inform the parents about the change in bus schedule so that they can have a relaxed feeling.

Not only this but transport fee reminders or student’s attendance on the bus is also shared with the parents so that they have a complete idea about the whereabouts of their ward. This will help the students’ academic life to get hampered less.

Complete Fee Management

Many times, transport fees are not included in the core fee structure of the student. Educational institutes may depend on Vidyalaya’s transport management software to streamline and manage the entire fee management cycle. School administrators can access the data for fee details, fee calculations, fee payment without any hassle.

Vidyalaya enables the online fee payment method so that students or parents do not need to carry the cash for paying fees. The secure payment gateway integration will protect the transactions and will enable the parents to pay the fees sitting in their comfort zones.

Student attendance Updates

After leaving the home for school, the student’s safety is the responsibility of the school. To fulfill this with full potential, Vidyalaya’s school transport management system will allow sending the daily attendance report during the commute to the parents’ registered mobile number. This will cover both to and from school journey attendance so that parents can be assured that their ward reaches and come from the school safely.

Mobile App access

As mobile has become the inevitable thing of our daily life, Vidyalaya offers you a full-featured mobile app for the school transport management system. Not only parents but school administrators can access the system from anywhere, anytime. The benefits of having a mobile app are inviting. Also, the cloud storage facility will help the fast data retrieval so that users can have an enriched user experience while handling the system.

Standard and customized reporting

Every system can improve if it has useful data represented in a structured manner. The easy and fruitful reporting feature of Vidyalaya’s school transport management software will help the school administration to monitor and manage resource usage. The software comes with standard and customized reporting so that required data can be represented in the desired way. The reports under this transport system will give the details like transport staff attendance, vehicle information, their status, fuel consumption report, vehicle maintenance report. This data is useful to analyze and bring efficiency to the transport system of the school.

Various reminders and notifications

As mentioned before, Vidyalaya’s school transport management system sends notifications about changes in the commute process to the parents’ registered mobile numbers. Also, it sends fee reminders and due date reminders to them to avoid late fee payment charges.

For school administration, the reminder feature is pure bliss. They can set reminders for timely servicing of the vehicles, PUC certificates, license renewal. This can help the management to repair and maintain the vehicles in good condition and make them durable. Timely servicing also helps to leave less carbon footprints such that it will help the environment by taking these baby steps.

The emergency alarm will help the transport staff to get ins contact when there are fatal situations like accidents, breakdowns, or any others. This will enable the school transport to send help to the location on an immediate basis and prevent further damage.

It is the moral responsibility of every school management to offer a secure and capable school transport management system for their students’ daily commute. With Vidyalaya, educational institutes will be able to keep the promise. As the need for the system will continue to as with the stability of situations after Covid-19. We all are waiting for the schools to resume and students are also waiting for stepping out of their homes and rush towards their schools. As teaching and other staff are secure with the vaccination, give your students a layer of protection for their daily commute with Vidyalaya’s school transport management system.

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