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Benefits of Push Notification in School Management App

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Benefits of Push Notification in School Management App

Benefits of Push Notification in School Management App

No doubt how the push notifications grab everyone’s attention when using a mobile phone or browsing on the web. Push notifications are the alerts that show messages outside the app along with the other system notifications. So push notifications can be regarded as one of the best ways to communicate important and critical messages. Also overusing this method can backfire sometimes. So it is used carefully by app developers.
Push notifications are an important and integral part of Vidyalaya-An Integrated School Management Software also. The push notifications in the school management app help the teachers, parents, students and even management or admin in not missing the crucial updates from their college or school. This includes all and is not limited to attendance alerts to parents for their child, holidays or event alerts to students, announcements to parents, parent’s communication to the teachers, etc.

So the benefits of push notification in school management app can be summarized as:

1. User engagement management
Push notifications provide the schools’ best user engagement strategy. One can provide push notifications and alerts specific and relevant to users and will use the app with more engagement. There is no requirement to send all alerts to students, parents as well as teachers without user-specific alerts. So without user-specific alerts, each user will have to open the app several times to see if any new or updated notifications are there in the application, specific to them or not. This can waste a lot of time from teachers and parents. So when an important or urgent message reaches them as push notifications, they are alerted even when they are using any other app or maybe not using the mobile phone.

2. Easy to use
Push notifications can make the school management app easy to use for parents and teachers even for management as well. Instead of scrolling within a complex user interface with multiple menus, the push notifications provide you, easy and direct access to the teachers and parents to their user interface that they have to use. Other than that, there is nothing to be learned about to use a push notification alert. One has to read and click on the notification alert. Also from the developer’s point of view, there is the minimal effort required as the push notifications are easy to develop and customize. It is cheaper than SMS or message alerts and as a result, developers prefer to use push notifications.

3. User behavior perception
The management can derive in-depth analytics on the different user behavior related to push notifications. Since the push notifications are the first entry point to the school management app, management can find out how the users are reaching the app and which notifications are opened instantly or regularly and which kind of notifications are rarely opened. This indeed is very important for school management app because it will help the manager to design the application to help school teachers and parents to get the best use out of the application.

4. Analytics about increased usage or traffic
Push notifications can enhance the usage of the school management app as it drives the usage in multiple channels. One way is by providing an uninterrupted invite to try the app for first time users. Teachers and parents who have installed the app can start getting notifications as soon as they register and login to the app or website for the first time. These continuous notifications will help the user to understand the functionality better and start using the website or app to its maximal potential. Another way the push notifications in the school management app helps is by retaining the users who have stopped using the application. Inoperative users can be invited to use the app through relevant notifications for making the best use out of it. So by engaging different types of users in a school like parents and teachers one can get traffic from thousands of users. For example, if a sudden holiday event is to be published and the notification reaches all parents instantly, everyone will use the app and in turn instantly increasing the traffic multiple times.

5. Better and friendly user interface
As explained the push notifications are in effect for the better and friendly user interface for teachers and parents. Considering the limited technical know-how of certain users, the push notifications help them use the app as effectively as the best user. This is the main reason why the school management websites and apps use push notifications and also the school management using it has three to four times more users than school management app without push notifications enabled. Also, the push notifications are privacy-friendly so the user can opt-in or opt-out from the push notifications any time anywhere. This also helps the first time users to access and manage the school management app using push notifications alone.

6. Innovative brand strategies management
Push notifications are the perfect instruments for an experienced or developed marketing team to create innovative and creative brand strategies for the school. The school management app is not only the student information system for the parents and teachers of the school. It can be downloaded by anyone for knowing the alerts. So the marketing team can use this opportunity to create content and user engagement strategies for non-logged in users. And for registered parents, management can use the push notifications to develop and inculcate the brand of the school by sending the messages instantaneously consistently and with proper timing.

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